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Southern Cross University Chancellor’s Scholarships

The Southern Cross University Chancellor’s Scholarships will be awarded to Year 12 students who are nominated by their Principal for demonstrating outstanding academic performance and community contribution.

  1. Principals from selected high schools will be invited to nominate a ranked list of Year 12 candidates.
  2. The Scholarship will be offered to candidates in the order they have been ranked.
  3. Submit your list of eligible candidates below by 24 November 2023.
  4. Scholarship offers will be made from 31 October 2023.

See the terms and conditions.

Southern Cross University Chancellor’s Scholarships

Terms and Conditions

  1. Introduction

Southern Cross University (“SCU”) administers the THE CHANCELLOR’S Scholarship (“Scholarship”) which is made available to 2023 School Leavers who have excelled at their High School in both civic duties/community involvement and in their academic studies.

The Scholarship is awarded on the basis of the Scholarship Criteria and the Student has been selected by the University as a recipient of the Scholarship.

The Student agrees that as a condition of the award of the Scholarship to the Student, the Student will comply with the set out Terms and Conditions.

  1. Definitions

“Course” means the degree course specified in item 2 of the Schedule;

“Payment Arrangements” means the payment arrangements for the Scholarship Funds set out in item 4 of the Schedule;

“Publish” means to make available to the public whether in material, digital or electronic forms;

“Schedule” means the schedule attached to these Terms and Conditions;

“Scholarship Conditions” means the conditions of award of the scholarship set out in item 5 of the Schedule;

“Scholarship Criteria” means the criteria for award of the Scholarship as set out in item 6 of the Schedule;

“Scholarship Details” means the scholarship formal name and offering year identified in item 1 of the Schedule;

“Scholarship Donor” means the donor or funder of the Scholarship as identified in item 1 of the Schedule;

“Scholarship Funds” means the money to be paid to the Student as the Scholarship from the University as specified in the item 3 of the Schedule;

“Scholarships Office” means the Student Management Unit, Student Services;

“Student” means the recipient of the Scholarship.

  1. Payment of Scholarship

SCU will administer the Scholarship and the payment of the Scholarship Funds through its Scholarships Office.

Subject to the Student complying with his or her obligations under these conditions, SCU will pay to the Student the Scholarship Funds as specified in Item 4 of the Schedule.

  1. Scholarship Conditions

The Student must abide by the Scholarship Conditions and all applicable University rules, regulations, policies and statutes.

  1. Scholarship Duration

One year

  1. Interruption of Scholarship

The Student can only defer for 12 months after being offered the Scholarship.

  1. Termination of Scholarship

If, in the opinion of the University or the Scholarship Donor, the Student fails to abide by or breaches the Scholarship Terms and Conditions, the University may terminate or suspend payment of the Scholarship Funds by written notice to the Student.

If the Student withdraws from enrolment in the Course or if the Scholarship is terminated on or before the “withdrawal without failure” date of any session of the Course, the Student must repay to the University the Scholarship Funds paid for that session.

The obligation in previous clauses will survive the expiration or termination of the Scholarship and the Student’s enrolment at the University.

  1. Progress Reports

The Student consents to the University providing reports on the Student’s academic progress each session for the duration of the Scholarship. The Student will provide all reasonable information and assistance required by the University to enable the progress reports to be provided to the Scholarship Donor and High School Principal.

  1. Consent to Use Image, Name or Testimonial

In accordance with National and State privacy legislation, including the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998 (NSW) and the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth), the Student consents to the University’s request, and permits the University to:

  1. use and Publish the name and/or testimonial of the Student; and
  2. take, keep, store, use and Publish photographs of the Student, with or without the name of the Student;
  3. use any information/date referred to in (a) and (b) above for the purposes of promoting the University;

for up to five years from the date of first publication for the purpose of promoting the Rising Stars Scholarship Program and the University generally.

  1. Financial Implications of Scholarship

The University recommends that the Student seeks advice from an accountant or the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) regarding the tax implications of this Scholarship. Students are required to report Scholarship amounts as income to Centrelink. For taxation purposes, the Scholarship Funds are provided principally for educational purposes.

  1. Acceptance of Conditions

In accepting the Scholarship, the Student acknowledges that he/she is accepting these Terms and Conditions.

Failure to meet the requirements of these Terms and Conditions may lead to the termination of the Scholarship.

Item Type Detail
Item 1 Scholarship Details and Scholarship Donor

Scholarship Formal Name – The Chancellor’s Scholarship

Scholarship Offering Year – 2024
Proudly supported by Southern Cross University

Item 2 Course

Any Undergraduate Bachelor’s program, studying full time at Southern Cross University in a commonwealth supported place at the Lismore, Coffs Harbour or Gold Coast Campuses.

Item 3 Scholarship Funds The Scholarship’s total value is $8,000 per year for one year The maximum total scholarship value is $8,000. Payments of $4,000 will be made in up to two study terms in 2024.
Item 4 Payment Arrangements Scholarship Funds for each session will be paid by electronic funds transfer (EFT) into the Student’s nominated Australian bank account in week five of the applicable session.
Item 5 Scholarship Conditions
  • The expectation is that the Student must make satisfactory progress for each session of the Course.
  • The Student is required to pursue his/her course of study on a full-time basis (6-8 units per year).
  • This Scholarship is only valid while the Student is enrolled in their initial course in which they gained entry. Prior to enrolling in another course, the Student must consult with the Scholarships Office. Failure to gain approval from the Scholarships Office for a course change will result in relinquishment of the Scholarship.
  • Scholarship recipients are ambassadors for the University. From time to time the University may require the Student to attend official functions or represent the University at community events.
  • If the Student is struggling to meet the requirements of this Agreement the Student should contact the Scholarships Office to discuss their studies. The Office can provide information on support services with the aim of assisting the Student to maintain the Scholarship and prevent termination.
  • Variations to this requirement may be permitted in exceptional cases, however, if the Student wishes to vary his/her mode of study the Student must apply in writing for approval. A decision on the application will be made by the Scholarships Office in consultation with the Scholarship Donor.
Item 6 Scholarship Criteria

The Student’s selection for the award of the Scholarship was based upon the following criteria:

  • Commencing in a commonwealth supported place in a Bachelor degree program at Southern Cross University in the year immediately following the completion of Year 12 in a nominated High School or after no more than one gap year.
  • Recognised by their High School Principal for demonstrated outstanding performance in their Year 12 studies and who have made a significant contribution to community.