What is Quality Assurance

A Quality Assurance Framework documents the planning, implementation, monitoring and reviewing of operations in relation to discrete functions in the University. The SCU third-party delivery locations have access to QA resources which guide the educational delivery undertaken by the Collaborating Institution. QA requires evidence of meeting the threshold standards.

The SCU QA Manual resources provide details of:

1. Planning

  • URL links to all policies, procedures and sample template documents as determined by the function of the University and/or compliance with legislation e.g. The National Code and regulatory agencies including the Department of Home Affairs, Department of Education, the State Government registering authorities and NEAS and/or
  • links to policies, procedures and templates (e.g. letters, forms) where appropriate and relevant to comply with the contractual obligations between the University and the third-party collaboration or Partnership for each SCU course offered at third-party collaboration/partner locations.

2. Implementation

  • provides/records evidence of the implementation of policies and procedures, including staff training.

3. Monitoring

  • provides/records evidence of the monitoring of policies and procedures, including the collection and use of feedback and internal audits.

4. Review

  • records evidence of the review of how policies and procedures, implementation and monitoring are applied.

5. Improve

  • What changes have been made as a result of reviewing?

Third-Party Providers are given access to QA Resources in Blackboard.

Quality Resource Links