Evaluate Your Teaching

teacher on a phone viewing good results with 3 tickboxes withhappy and unhappy icons next to them

Evaluate Your Teaching

Evaluating our courses, units and teaching practice is an ongoing cycle leading to improved student learning.

By regularly gathering, analysing and using information gained from several sources including our students, and seeking feedback from colleagues at and/or outside of SCU, we can highlight and celebrate good design and delivery, and identify where we would like to improve.


Resources to assist you to evaluate your teaching include:

charaters standing in front of data models

Recording from Workshop 1: Gather data during delivery

You will explore how to gather data during delivery to allow for quick improvements to assist and enhance student engagement, and, ultimately, student success. You will receive skills training in the use of Grade Centre and Performance Dashboard.

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Recording from Workshop 2: Evaluate your unit

Learn how to use technologies to evaluate your unit after the unit has finished running to provide useful information to assist and enhance student engagement, and, ultimately, student success.  You will receive further skills training in the use of statistical tracking; Eesysoft, and how to easily upload grades to eAcademic.

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