Calculating your rank

The following table is a guide to the rank you'll receive if you hold any of these qualifications.

Qualification Rank*
AQF Certificate III — complete 67
AQF Certificate IV — complete 73
AQF Diploma — complete 75
Advanced Diploma — complete 76
Associate Degree — complete 80
Bachelors Degree — incomplete (3 units) 75
Bachelors Degree — incomplete (4–7 units) 78
Bachelors Degree — incomplete (8–23 units) 80
Bachelors Degree — complete 84
Masters — complete 88
Graduate Certificate — complete 79
Graduate Diploma — complete 82

* based on a passing grade point average.

This table is to be used as a guide only. Southern Cross University can only assess incomplete qualifications if a minimum of three units have been passed. All minimum ranks are based on a passing grade point average. If you have received grades higher or lower than a pass your rank will differ.

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