When a student studies at a partner institution?

Student must remain enrolled at SCU in International Exchange units. This process is completed prior to the student leaving Australia. This process is called International Exchange Unit Request.

Once the student commences their study program, they are required to confirm the enrolment. This is done via email to the Client Service Team.

If changes need to be made, this must be communicated to the Client Service Team, which will seek approval at the appropriate level.

What happens when a student completes the exchange program?

The transcript will be issued by the partner institution once the student completes their exchange program. It is the student's responsibility to forward the transcript to the Client Services Team. This team will amend grades based on successful completion. A successful grade will be marked as satisfied requirement (SR). 

While you are travelling 

You must comply with Australian law and the laws of your host location(s). 

Commit to the practice of "do no harm" at all times while you are on exchange. 

Take reasonable steps to avoid any conflict of interest, and promptly notify your host institution and Southern Cross Global any conflict of interest that could affect your studies. 

Be a good ambassador for SCU and for Australia. 

Understand that any overseas experience, even under the safest conditions possible, has risks, and take all reasonable precautions to mitigate risks.  

In case of emergency

Travelling abroad sometimes comes with unexpected situations, which can be part of the adventure. In case you find yourself in an unsafe or precarious situation, it is important to take prompt action:

Your host institution should be your first point of contact for immediate service and assistance, as they will have a support team dedicated to international students, similar to the ones we have at SCU.

International SOS membership is included to all approved exchange students, for membership details contact [email protected]

All overseas travel is to be registered with International SOS, through the MyTrips portal mytrips.travelsecurity.com or through the free smart phone app. Visit app.internationalsos.com

It is also recommended that you register your location with the Australian Consulate so that they are able to contact you in emergency situations. To register with the Australian Consulate go to: smartraveller.gov.au.

Emergency contact for Southern Cross University students on exchange

Phone: +61 418 430 276