Southern Cross University students studying at our main campus locations may benefit from the reduced cost of living compared to Australian capital cities.

The table below represents a general weekly guide for an individual. We also recommend that you use the student visa financial capacity requirements as outlined by the Department of Home Affairs.

Expenses (Per week) Private rental SCU Village (Lismore, Coffs Harbour) Homestay

$150-$350 room
$400-$800 house

$190-$220 $240-$325
Food $140-$280 $140-$280 Included
Public transport $30-$70 $30 Included to and from campus

$15 room
$40 house

Included Included
Water $5 Included Included
Mobile/internet $30-$60 $30-$60 $30-$60

* Costing in Australian dollars and based on Gold Coast, Lismore or Coffs Harbour campuses only. Updated June 2023.

For students studying at our branch campuses please refer to the relevant location:

Metro Locations: Sydney, Melbourne or Perth

The Hotel School Sydney or Melbourne