Flooded fence

Floods + Me: Education in a Changing Climate

Project Overview

Funding Provider: Vice Chancellor Flood Funding Award
Lead Researchers: Professor Amy Cutter-Mackenzie-Knowles 
Co-Investigators: A/Professor Louise Phillips, Dr. Liberty De Rivera, Simone Blom, Dr. Melissa Wolfe, Dr. Lisa Siegel, Professor Lexi Lasczik, Dr. David Rousell (RMIT), Dr. Blanche Verlie (RMIT), Professor Lauren Rickards (RMIT)
Amount: $25,000.

Aim and Objectives

The "Floods + Me" project seeks to explore the profound effects of the February 2022 floods in the Northern Rivers on children and young people's education. The floods caused extensive damage to educational settings, leading to closures and disruptions. This project aims to foreground the voices of the affected children and young people, utilizing their experiences to co-design a 'Floods + Me Education Framework' and a 'Floods + Me Community Exhibition'. Collaboratively undertaken by SEAE Research Cluster and RMIT's Climate Change Research Network, the project sets the groundwork for future research linking climate change, disasters, and education.

Objectives include:

  • Mapping the flood experiences of young individuals.
  • Assisting education and community services in comprehending these experiences.
  • Centering recovery practices around child and youth experiences through co-design and co-creation.
  • Positioning children and young people’s experiences in a global context to support community recovery efforts.


Understanding and incorporating the perspectives of children and young people are crucial for effective recovery and adaptation strategies in the wake of climate-related disasters. This project aligns with the urgent need for evidence-based practices in climate disaster research, with a focus on educational impacts. It also fosters collaboration between academic institutions and the community, laying a foundation for substantial future research.

Research Phases

Phase 1: Setup and Review

Recruitment and systematic review focusing on flood impacts on education.

Phase 2: Workshops

Research-theory workshops for young participants to develop methodologies.

Phase 3: Data Collection

Engaging children and youth in collecting data on flood experiences.

Phase 4: Analysis and Survey

Analysis of collected data and dissemination of a youth-led survey.

Phase 5: Framework and Exhibition Development

Finalisation of the 'Floods + Me Education Framework' and organization of the community exhibition.

Phases of Floods+Me project

Impact and Dissemination

This project not only aids in the immediate recovery efforts but also contributes to a deeper understanding of the educational disruptions caused by climate disasters. By integrating the unique perspectives of young people, the project highlights the importance of inclusive recovery processes. Outputs will include educational resources, policy briefs, and community exhibitions, fostering a collective approach to disaster resilience and recovery.