Compost, potting mix and landscape soil testing

Image of three rows of steaming compost

Meeting standards with our testing

EAL offers an expansive range of testing (pdf) to meet the requirements of Australian Standards for compost and mulch (AS4454), potting mix (AS3743) and landscape soils (AS4419). EAL offers discounted testing packs to meet the requirements of each of the standards, with client directed customisation for initial and validation (maturity) testing. EAL tests in accordance with the various exemptions and orders issued by the EPA. Example reports can be downloaded for each of the testing suites. These are available in the Compost information section of the Document downloads.

Adhering to standard sample collection procedures ensures the highest level of accuracy. Basic compost and soil sample collection and submission (pdf) and Australian Standards compost, mulch and landscape soil collection and submission (pdf) procedures are listed in the document download section of the website.

Alternatively, EAL can provide qualified staff to undertake on-site sampling at a base rate of $110 excl. GST. Please contact EAL for more information.

AS4454 composts, soil conditioners and mulches

AS4454 is designed for compost manufacturers, distributors and specifiers, retailers, local government, and relevant state government agencies. The standard aims to protect human health, the environment, and food quality; and encourage beneficial and sustainable use to recover valuable nutrients and organic matter.

AS3743 potting mix

AS3743 is designed to provide potting mix manufacturers, educational institutions, consumers and growers with a set of minimum requirements to ensure potting mixes can germinate seeds, grow seedlings, strike cuttings and maintain plant growth.

AS4419 soils for landscaping and garden use

AS4419 is designed to provide landscape and garden soil manufactures, landscape designers/architects/gardeners, government main roads and consumers a set of minimum requirements to ensure physical and chemical integrity as well as protecting human health and the environment.