Acid sulfate soil testing and acid rock testing

Net Acidity analysis for acid sulfate soil acidity hazard assessment and validation techniques is routinely undertaken at EAL using acid base accounting procedures; pHF and pHFOX testing, acid volatile sulfide (AVS) analysis, sequential metals and metalloid extraction and incubation procedures are also offered.

EAL undertakes acid sulfate rock testing for Net Acid Generation (NAG), NAG pH, Acid Neutralising Capacity (ANC) testing and Net Acid Producing Potential (NAPP) calculations. EAL offers competitive prices (pdf), rapid turn-around times and free supply of sample vials.

Acid sulfate soil testing

EAL has been involved in research and method development for the identification and management of these soils for more than 15 years.

EAL staff members Nadia Toppler and Graham Lancaster are co-authors of the soon to be published national guidance documents:

  • National acid sulfate soils identification and laboratory methods manual
  • National acid sulfate soils sampling and identification methods manual
  • Overview and Management of Monosulfidic Black Ooze (MBO) Accumulation in Waterways and Wetlands

As a consequence, EAL now offers the approved methods in the Net Acidity Suite (AS-PACK-08). Acid sulfate soil reporting includes Net Acidity and Liming calculations.

Adhering to standard sample collection and preservation procedures sample collection and preservation procedures (pdf) ensures the highest level of accuracy. Soil sampling guides for New South Wales (pdf), Queensland (pdf) and Western Australia (pdf) are available to assist in planning a soil sampling program.

EAL can provide qualified staff to undertake on-site sampling at a base rate of $110 excl. GST. Please contact EAL for more information.

Acid rock testing

Acid rock testing uses a combination of Net Acid Producing Potential (NAPP) and Net Acid Generation (NAG) techniques for screening acid rock material. EAL offers two alternatives for quantification of sulfur for Maximum Potential Acidity (MPA):

  • Acid sulfate rock (AS-PACK-006) using LECO total sulfur, and
  • Acid sulfate rock (AS-PACK-010) using Chromium Reducible Sulfur (CRS).

Reference: Ahern CR, McElnea AE, Sullivan LA. 2004. Acid sulfate soils laboratory methods guidelines. Queensland Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy: Indooroopilly, Qld Australia.

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