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Quick Guides

Our Quick Guides are an easy-to-use resource. They are designed to be downloaded so that you can refer to them quickly and easily while you are either working on an assignment or have reached some sticking point with your studies.

The guides cover a range of topics which will help you with your studies.

Description:  Tips and tools to maximise your learning - preparing for lectures, effective note-taking, group work and learning from feedback.

Taking Notes

Getting the Most out of Lectures

Study strategies to help you learn the language and concepts of your discipline

Working in Teams and Groups

Using feedback to plan for improvement

Description: Tips and tools for understanding and using lecturer feedback to improve.

Accessing and using feedback

Responding to lecturer feedback

A SNOB Analysis

Assignment Tracker

Assignment Tracker example

Action Plan 1

Action Plan 2

Action Plan 3

Action Plan 4

Description: Tips and tools to proofread and edit your work before submission.

The Process of Editing

Assignment Editing Checklist

Using Grammarly to Improve Your Editing Skills