Student Appointments

The Student Learning Zone offers a range of options for students seeking individual or small-group advice. Learning Coach appointments of up to 30 minutes via telephone, email, Zoom and in person from Monday to Friday, 9:00 am - 4.30 pm. If you have booked an in-person appointment and not feeling well at the time of the appointment, please change the booking to either telephone or Zoom.

Time available for appointments is limited, it is recommended students submit a "Pre Appointment Checklist" form using the button below before their appointment. Also, don't forget to use Grammarly and Turnitin for your assignments before attending your appointment.

Learning Coach appointments operate in Queensland (Qld) time, (i.e. Australian Eastern Standard Time - AEST). So if your appointment is at 9:00 am, remember that during daylight savings time 9:00 am Qld time = 10:00 am NSW time. If you live outside the New South Wales (NSW) or Queensland (Qld) time zones, you can check the appointment time with your local time using this Time Difference Calculator.

Appointments with Learning Coaches are via CareerHub. To search available appointments click on the button below titled Make an appointment to access CareerHub. Then click on the blue 'Current Students' button and use your MySCU login details. On the CareerHub page, select "Appointments" to choose your topic and consultant.

Important: Due to the demand for a Learning Coach appointments are available once every 7 days. If you are absent for your appointment or cancel your appointment within 2hrs of meeting with a Learning Coach, you will be recorded as absent, which prevents you from making another booking with any Learning Coach for another 7 days.

Before deciding whether to make an appointment with a Learning Coach, we recommend that it is best to speak to your Unit Assessor/Tutor or try some of our other options, such as our Quick Guides as a first resort.

How to use CareerHub for Student Appointments

The videos below explain how to make an appointment with a Learning Coach and how to cancel your appointment with a Learning Coach via CareerHub.


How to make an appointment with a Learning Coach.

In this clip I will show you how to book an appointment with a learning coach. There are a few different ways of accessing the learning coach booking system however this time around we're going to go via the University home page.

If you would like to book at via your blackboard site just look for the words learning help at the very top right hand side of your screen and follow the links from there. So from this page we're going to click on to current students scroll down to the learning zone section and click on to student appointments choose make an appointment assignment review and that will actually take you to this page first where you will need to log in as a current student using your student login details.

That will then log you into the career hub system where you will choose to view the booking as a current student.

From here click on appointments and this will take you to a number of different appointment bookings so make sure that you just stick with the learning coach ones, if it's a learning coach that you're after.

There are a few different appointment options here so choose the one that suits you.

Best if you're not really sure which suits you best just go for assignment appointment that's fine if you'd like you can choose a particular consultant if it's somebody that you've worked with before but if not just choose the campus that you would prefer.

I'm going to show you how to book an appointment for a student studying online so we're going to just stick with any campus and choose an assignment appointment a calendar will then come up showing you all of the appointments that are available across all campuses available to any student studying online so simply choose the day that works for you and all of the time and learning coaches available will come up, Just choose in this case the time that best suits you,

I'm going to choose p.m. from here you have the option to upload any work that you would like the learning coach to discuss with you so if you have a piece of writing that you would like to show the learning coach please upload that here and always remember to also upload your assessment task instructions and marking rubric to allow us to best support you once you've done that simply click on book now and your appointment will be made you will be able to then save that booking and you should be sent a reminder via email.


How to cancel your appointment with a Learning Coach.

In this video I will show you how to cancel your appointment with a Learning Coach.

Remember it’s important, if you need to cancel an appointment, please do so, at least 2 hours in advance – this gives other students the chance to book in. 

In MySCU click on the learning Zone Icon in the top right corner,

Go to Student appointments and then, click again on the make an appointment / ask a question

This link takes you to the CareerHub login page – the Student learning Zone uses the appointment booking system in CareerHub.  Login with your student ID.

Click on Appointments,

On this page you will see a heading, My Upcoming appointments, click on this.

Your appointments appear on this page.  Click on the appointment you would like to cancel

Click on the red box - cancel booking and then click okay because you’re verifying that you want to cancel this appointment.

A message will then appear confirming booking has been cancelled.

And you will also then receive an email notification of this cancelled appointment.

Please remember it’s really important to cancel your appointment at least two hours in advance.

If this is not possible, email the Learning Zone: or telephone:

 02 6626 9262.

If you are unable to attend your appointment and do not cancel, you will be marked absent and will not be able to book another appointment for 7 days.

The Southern Cross University Learning Zone is an award-winning service here to help you and support you through your studies.

How to use 'Ask a Question'

This service is for you if you want some feedback on your assignment or have a question for us. Please use Grammarly and Turnitin for your assignment first. We will endeavour to reply within 72 hours (Monday-Friday, 9am-4.30pm). Please note that this is not a proof-reading or editing service.

How to use 'Ask a Question' (3:37)

This clip shows you how to access and use the Ask a Question service provided by the Student Learning Zone, and available via CareerHub.

You may already know how to access CareerHub, if not, you can do so through the Student Learning Zone site, which can be found here if you start at the university home page. Or, if you are using Portal then you can find the Student Learning Zone here by clicking on “Learning Zone”. Once there, you simply click here on to Ask a Question, and then here to open up CareerHub.

In CareerHub, you need to click on “Ask a Question” here and then here again, and this is where you will input the information that is required.

Your question will be answered by a Learning Coach and you will receive a response via email within 3 working days.    There is only 30 minutes allocated to each question, and for this reason it is really important to be as specific as possible in regards to what you are needing help with. The idea is that you actually ask a question, so please keep in mind that the purpose of this service is to help students build study and academic writing skills, this is not a review or editing service and so the purpose is not to check your spelling and grammar.

If your questions relate to a paper you are working on, and you would like someone to take a look at your paper, make sure that you have submitted it through Grammarly, and if required, Turnitin before submitting here through Ask a Question

Now, if you are simply unsure of whether or not you are on the right track or you’re unsure of what exactly you need help with it is much better to book an appointment with a learning coach so that we can gain a better understanding of what you need help with and provide the assistance you require.

You should also book an appointment with a learning coach  if you have already used ask a question, or had a consultation for a particular assignment that you need more help with that assignment, so basically, don’t submit the same question or paper through Ask a question twice. If you still need help, please book an appointment.

So the types of questions that you might ask might be specific questions regarding your referencing, your assignment format or your paragraphing. You might be seeking advice on how to plan for your assessment task, how to use the marking rubric to ensure you are meeting assessment criteria or you might need help understanding your marker’s feedback. 

Always be sure to attach all relevant documents to your question. If you are asking about a particular assessment task this includes a copy of your work, the task outline, your marking rubric, and if relevant, your Turnitin report and marker feedback.

If you just have a general question to ask, and therefore no documents to attach, that’s OK. Just keep in mind that the more information we have, the better we are able to help.

To attach your documents, simply click here on the upload button to access your files, choose which it is you wish to attach.

Or you can drag a file here into this box. Once you have completed the above topic and question fields you will then be able to click on the Ask a question button that will submit your question and will receive your response within 3 working days.

How to add documents to a learning coach appointment (0:41)

Adding documents to a learning coach appointment even after the booking has been made is a really simple process.

From your career hub account, click on to appointments, go down to click onto my upcoming appointments, find the appointment you are wishing to add your documents to and then scroll down here to where it says upload.

That will take you to your computer files.

Choose what it is that you are wanting to attach and then be sure to click on save booking to make sure that that attachment goes with your appointment booking.

Ask a Question