Student Appointments

We offer a range of options for students who are seeking individual or small group advice. Appointments with Learning Coaches are made in CareerHub. Click on the Make an appointment/Assignment review button on this page. Then click on the blue 'Current Students' button and use your MySCU login details.

Appointments of up to 30 minutes via telephone, email, Blackboard Collaborate and Zoom are available for individuals or small groups from Monday to Friday, 9am-4.30pm.

Time available for appointments can be limited so it is best to speak to your Unit Assessor and or Tutor and try some of our other options such as or our Quick Guides as a first resort.

Don't forget to use Grammarly and Turnitin for your assignments prior to attending your appointment. 


How to make an appointment with the Learning Experience Team.

In this clip I will show you how to book an appointment with a learning coach. There are a few different ways of accessing the learning coach booking system however this time around we're going to go via the University home page.

If you would like to book at via your blackboard site just look for the words learning help at the very top right hand side of your screen and follow the links from there. So from this page we're going to click on to current students scroll down to the learning zone section and click on to student appointments choose make an appointment assignment review and that will actually take you to this page first where you will need to log in as a current student using your student login details.

That will then log you into the career hub system where you will choose to view the booking as a current student.

From here click on appointments and this will take you to a number of different appointment bookings so make sure that you just stick with the learning coach ones, if it's a learning coach that you're after.

There are a few different appointment options here so choose the one that suits you.

Best if you're not really sure which suits you best just go for assignment appointment that's fine if you'd like you can choose a particular consultant if it's somebody that you've worked with before but if not just choose the campus that you would prefer.

I'm going to show you how to book an appointment for a student studying online so we're going to just stick with any campus and choose an assignment appointment a calendar will then come up showing you all of the appointments that are available across all campuses available to any student studying online so simply choose the day that works for you and all of the time and learning coaches available will come up, Just choose in this case the time that best suits you,

I'm going to choose p.m. from here you have the option to upload any work that you would like the learning coach to discuss with you so if you have a piece of writing that you would like to show the learning coach please upload that here and always remember to also upload your assessment task instructions and marking rubric to allow us to best support you once you've done that simply click on book now and your appointment will be made you will be able to then save that booking and you should be sent a reminder via email.


How to cancel an appointment with the Learning Experience Team.

Hello, in this video I will show you how to cancel an academic skills appointment. Remember it is important to cancel this appointment at least 2 hours in advance to give other students the chance to book in.

So, from MySCU Hub you can click on either Learning Help or Academic Skills, and so we’ll click the Academic Skills, and then we’re going to scroll down and click on Connect Now.

From here, we will click on Make an Appointment.

And at that point, you would have logged in with Current Student and your MySCU details.

We will click on appointment, and what you will do is you will go to this section right here where it says My Appointment Bookings. So we are going to click on this.

We will go through and find the correct appointment. So, usually it’s the first one because that’s the one that is coming up. And I will click on the title. This will take me to a page where I can actually cancel the appointment.

So right here it says cancel booking, you will click on that. It comes up with a warning, so you click okay because you are verifying that you want to cancel the appointment.

And then you’ll get a little message here that says your booking has been cancelled.

And you will also then receive an email confirmation that your booking has been cancelled.

Alright, I hope this has been helpful.

How to use 'Ask a Question'

This service is for you if you want some feedback on your assignment or have a question for us. Please use Grammarly and Turnitin for your assignment first. We will endeavour to reply within 72 hours (Monday-Friday, 9am-4.30pm). Please note that this is not a proof-reading or editing service.

How to use 'Ask a Question' (4:00)

Hello, today we are going to look at how you use Ask a Question.

To access Ask a Question you will need to go to your MySCU. So right here, MySCU Hub. There are two ways to access Ask a Question, the first is by clicking on Academic Skills and Studiosity; this is in the yellow banner. Or you can also click on Learning Help; the learning hub is available on any of your MySCU screens, so always remember this.

So, we’re going to use Academic Skills and Studiosity.

Once you’re on this screen, you’re going to click Connect Now.

You are now on the Academic Skills landing page.

We’re going to scroll down and you’re going to click Make an Appointment.

Now I’m already logged in, but you would come to a screen where you would need to enter in your MySCU login details and click current student to come to this same screen.

Once here, on the grey banner, we are going to click Ask a Question.

And we are now on the Ask a Question landing page.

Okay, so when submitting to Ask a Question, remember that we are not a proof-reading or editing service. So I’ve just highlighted it right there.

So when you use ask a question, you are asking for help with referencing, could be sentence structure, or paragraph formatting, assignment formatting, whether you have answered the question of the task, so they’re assignment specific and we will provide you with written advice.

There’s two ways to access this, either click this one, or you can click this Ask a Question. So, I’ll just click here.

So on this page you’ll notice that there is a topic, a question and add a file.

In the topic, you’re going to put whatever topic you want to discuss. So it could be referencing, it could be a rubric, task information – so you might not actually understand what the task is asking for, it could be the format of your task.

So, I’m going to type in here APA referencing because that’s what my topic is going to be about.

And then I’m going to write a specific question. So remember that you need to ask one thing that you want us to look at.

So, I’m going to put in here that it’s APA referencing and in-text citations for essay and reference list. Okay so that’s what I need checked.

So then I’m going to upload the file, so I’ll just pick a file, upload. I can then upload another file.

So remember that you need to upload your actual task that you are working on, your essay or annotated bibliography, and then you also need to upload the task sheet. So those are the instructions of what needs to be completed and your rubric. So, we need all three of those to look at in order to give you the best advice on your assignment.

Then once you have all your documents, you will then click Ask a Question, which will submit it. And you will receive an email that you have submitted this question. We will then provide you with feedback, which will also be returned to you via email.

Okay, I hope this has been helpful.

How to add documents to a learning coach appointment (0:41)

Adding documents to a learning coach appointment even after the booking has been made is a really simple process.

From your career hub account, click on to appointments, go down to click onto my upcoming appointments, find the appointment you are wishing to add your documents to and then scroll down here to where it says upload.

That will take you to your computer files.

Choose what it is that you are wanting to attach and then be sure to click on save booking to make sure that that attachment goes with your appointment booking.

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