Welcome to the UniMentor Program

Uni Mentor connecting students

New students and their UniMentors can meet face-to-face, communicate online via email, text or catch up on Facebook.

Students who have successfully completed one or more sessions of study at Southern Cross University can become a UniMentor.

This is a free service for students, by students.

Request a UniMentor

To connect with a UniMentor and get access to other helpful resources:

  • Visit the UniMentor site  and select +ENROL > Submit > Ok
  • Select the Find a Mentor link in the left menu and filter your search results to find a suitable mentor, click ‘Connect to this Mentor’ on their profile

Your UniMentor will receive an email to let them know you have selected them. They will get in touch with you via your student email address.

Find a Mentor

Also check out the New Student Info tab for other handy resources and to become familiar with what a mentor can offer. 

Become a UniMentor

Students who have successfully completed the equivalent of one session of study at SCU can volunteer to become a UniMentor.

What’s involved?

UniMentors complete training and undertake the duties of the UniMentor role, including:

  • arranging to meet with mentees (face-to-face or online) during the study session;
  • keeping in regular contact with their mentees;
  • being available to offer support and assistance, or refer mentees to services; and
  • respecting the privacy and confidentiality of mentees.

At the end of each session, our UniMentors receive a certificate of acknowledgement which can be added to their resume to demonstrate skills such as leadership and communication.

UniMentors are not expected to be academic tutors. The amount of time it takes to help mentees can vary, but most UniMentors say they spend less than one hour per week.

Steps to become a UniMentor:

Step 1 – Visit our UniMentor site and join it by clicking these prompts +ENROL > Submit > OK

Step 2  Complete UniMentor Training - you can choose either to (1) attend a classroom training session or (2) complete a self-paced module.

Step 3  Once the training is complete you will receive instructions on how to upload your profile and begin Mentoring. 

Become a Mentor

Once a student has completed Unimentor training they are able to create a profile on the UniMentor site.

This profile includes a short bio and other information for potential mentees. UniMentors can also choose the number of mentees that they are available to assist.

The UniMentor team is here to support Mentors and Mentees on-campus and online at mentor@scu.edu.au 

"It is an awesome experience not just because you get to help others, but also because you get to develop more insight regarding your strengths and weaknesses." - UniMentor

Contact Us

For further information please contact the UniMentor Team at mentor@scu.edu.au

This video shows what is involved in being a mentor in the UniMentor program.

Josh Enoch - UniMentor Program

I joined the program originally as a mentee. It had been a long time since I’d been to school of any form. I was nervous about getting started with university. The program has helped me also with my time management and that’s helped me stay on top of my studies each week, and it’s also meant that I’ve been able to be better prepared when assignments and exams have come around.

Volunteering with the program was easy. You’re able to set your own times. When you’re meeting with people you’re able to communicate via email, via text message, sometimes over Facebook. We’re at uni to get an education, but we’re also here to be part of an experience. It’s also meant that I’ve made a few friendships actually. So, while we’re not in the same classes necessarily or even the same year group, I see them around campus and it’s nice to give someone a smile that you’ve helped out. And, it’s nice to have that back.

I’d recommend joining the UniMentor program. It’s more than just feeling like you’re part of something. It’s more than just helping new students come through the program. But, it’s about the experience that you get for helping others that will prepare you for once you have graduated and you’re able to go on to your future career.

There’s a certificate that you get that helps. That looks good in your resume. There’s lots of support from the UniMentor program itself in terms of how to run a meeting, in terms of how to be organised., to be ready for your meetings – and that all helps with things like job interviews and future career moves that you might go on to down the track.

UniMentor top tips

Read more

Listen to more of Belle’s top tips and get more information about participating in the Unimentor program, a free service by students, for students.


You can send each other an email via your student email account. UniMentors volunteer their time. Please respect this generosity by replying to their communications in a timely way.

Your UniMentor will probably have more than one mentee and we encourage your UniMentor to facilitate a group meeting, in-person or on-line, so you can meet other new students.

Your UniMentor will keep in contact for one study session. However, you may find you've developed a friendship and keep in contact for much longer, if this is what both of you want.

Your UniMentor is not a tutor and is not expected to give you specific academic help. However, they may share their study tips to help you settle in to an academic routine and can direct you to University services to help with particular concerns you might have with a unit of study or item of assessment.

If, for any reason, you would like to terminate your mentoring connection, please get in touch with the UniMentor Team by emailing mentor@scu.edu.au or telephone 02 6626 9262.

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