Student Opportunities Fund

Southern Cross University is committed to helping provide exceptional students with exceptional opportunities to broaden their professional networks and opportunities.

The Southern Cross Student Opportunities Fund will provide students with the opportunity to apply for a scholarship worth up to $7,500 each to help subsidise the cost of travel, accommodation and necessary activities to help them realise their full professional potential.

Application Process

Apply through My Enrolment


Up to $7,500

Course of study

Any undergraduate degree - 2nd year onwards

Eligibility Criteria

Please note that this scholarship is only available to students who have progressed their opportunity to such a point that its occurrence is almost certain. As such, students may have to purchase tickets or accommodation in advance of being awarded this scholarship, in which case, the scholarship panel will consider the costs already incurred and include that in their deliberations as to the amount granted if successful.

The strength of each application will be measured against the above selection criteria. A report will make recommendations to the selection panel, which will be represented by the Office of Engagement, Office of Research, Finance, Governance and other work units where specialist insights may be required.

Selection Criteria

Do you have a great idea that you’ve worked into a proposal and are ready to take it to the world? This could be a new invention, a business, or simply the opportunity to undertake a placement at a blue-chip company in a major capital city. We believe in bringing our Southern Cross University talent to the world stage, and this scholarship will make it easier for you to get there.

Applicant is to provide a proposal dossier that outlines:

  1. An in-depth analysis of work you have completed to get to this point — including how you have aligned this project or opportunity with your course work.
  2. A clear plan as to what your short to medium-term goals are in respect to this opportunity and how this scholarship will help you achieve your goals. (Include timelines and supporting information where relevant).
  3. Provide all correspondence with the prospective opportunity and any required contextual information (this will help the panel determine how close this opportunity is to the conclusion).
  4. A comprehensive budget of any costs incurred or predicted (inclusive of specific prices for accommodation and transport).

Please also include the reason for the opportunity or placement, including as much context as possible.

Applicant must also:

  1. Demonstrated capacity to make a valuable contribution or impact to the University and the community.
  2. An agreement to submit graded progress reports.
  3. An agreement to work with the Southern Cross University marketing team to create an impact story about your project.
  4. Give Southern Cross University permission to use your story for promotional purposes.
  5. The project must be completed at least two months before your graduation.

Commitment by student recipient:

Students whose applications are successful must agree to:

  • See their plan through to completion (as detailed in application).
  • Agree to provide a report within 4 weeks of completing the project. The report should contain their final budget expenditure and any action items or ongoing engagement activities that arise from their opportunity.
  • Students will also be asked to provide a release form which will allow Southern Cross University to undertake promotion of their achievements and how they have used the scholarship to develop their transition from university into employment, or how they have integrated their search for project funding within their course work.


  • Not available to first year undergraduate students.
  • Not available to students who have already received funding under this scholarship in the past.
  • Not available for job interviews, unless there is (a) clear commencement post-graduation from the applicant’s current course; and (b) applicant can prove that they are in the final round of interviews and their chances of being
  • successful would be improved substantially by receiving funds from this scholarship.
  • International travel will usually not be considered, unless there is a very clear and considerable opportunity for the student’s project to have global impact, in which case, the opportunity will be assessed on its merits, and how it aligns to the selection criteria.