Artists' books collection

Artists Book by Lyndall Adams, Intimate Collusions
Artists' Book by Lyndall Adams, Intimate Collusions

About the collection

Southern Cross University holds a small collection of 121 artists' books which support the Visual Arts program in the Faculty of Business, Law and Arts.

Southern Cross University Library began to collect books by artists in 1998.  Southern Cross University is one of the few University libraries to house such a collection. The collection includes works by distinguished artists such as Dieter Roth, Bea Maddock, Judy Watson, Monica Oppen, Noreen Grahame and Stephen Spurrier. Southern Cross University alumni included in the Collection includes Tim Mosely, Sarah Bodman, John Smith and Julie Barratt.

Items in the Artists' books collection can be viewed by appointment during Library opening hours.

To make an appointment please email [email protected] and request a viewing of the artists books at your preferred viewing time.

Please allow two working days between sending your request and your preferred viewing time.

Please ask Library staff for advice before photographing or photocopying artists' books collection items. Library staff will provide advice on safe handling of items from the artists' book collection.

Use Library Search to find the artists' books in the artists' books collection.

"Artists' books are not books about art or artists.  They are artworks in themselves using the form or concept of the book".
(Heather Matthew, 2011).

For more information on artists' books please refer to the Artists' book library guide.