Richmond River Open Access Repository (RROAR)

Historical map of the entrance to the Richmon River at Ballina
Historical image of the Sherwood family on the banks of the river


The Richmond River Open Access Repository (RROAR) is a digital collection of historical and scientific works about the Richmond River and its catchment in Northern NSW.

The mission of the Richmond River Open Access Repository (RROAR) is to share information about the health of the River and its tributaries and catchment, to create awareness of its geographical diversity, to protect natural and cultural resources for the future and to create opportunities for research and understanding. The collection includes historical and contemporary reports, research papers, maps, video and audio recordings and other media focussing on the river, its tributaries and catchment, produced up to the present time.

We welcome contributions to the repository which can be digitised for preservation and access. Physical items will be retained by the owner.

The RROAR was initiated by Associate Professor Adele Wessell and funded by the VC Flood Recovery Project Scheme.