Become a Student Volunteer

The Orientation and Induction team values student volunteers and welcomes expressions of interest to be a Student Volunteer Leader with the team. Students must be currently enrolled and have completed one session or two terms of study at SCU to apply.

Rachel: The reason why I wanted to become a student leader is because I figured it would be a great way to connect with people around campus. It’s really good to get involved, and it builds on your academic experience of University. And it’s also a really awesome way to help new students settle into university life.

Peter: The reason why I became a student leader, is because it’s a rewarding experience to help other students get acquainted with the new study environment. And the benefits of becoming a student leader is it gives you an opportunity to build on your leadership skills.

Alexandra: I wanted to be a bit more involved in the Uni. And it’s also a great way to meet new students and show them around the Uni, and also to expand your own social circle.

Luke: It really develops your leadership skills, and also, it’s a great place to be when people are coming for the first time to Uni with Orientation, they’re really excited and it’s a great vibe to get involved with.

Sable: I have been able to meet people from the Business school, Education School and other areas throughout the University, so for me as a person it has been really encouraging. And I would like to encourage you to become a student leader so you get the most out of your experience here at University, and that these friendships and experiences you’ll be able to take into your career paths.


On-campus volunteering involves:

  • Welcome commencing students to the University community
  • Assist new students with FAQs and refer them to the correct university support service
  • Be familiar with Orientation processes and online connection events
  • Provide event assistance with setting up and packing down
  • Assist with connecting events

Online volunteering involves:

  • The opportunity to connect with new students through various online platforms or sessions, for example, posting and commenting in the New to SCU Facebook group.
  • Assist with online connecting events

Other opportunities 

Do you have other ideas on how you can support first-year students? We would love to hear them! Let us know your skills and passions and we can work together to create a volunteer opportunity that suits you. For example, we have art students leading an art workshop for new students. Apply today and select 'other' and we will reach out to discuss volunteering options with you. 


Online training details and Work, Health and Safety Induction details will be provided to you when you submit an application.


  • Written recognition from the university to acknowledge your role.
  • A chance to make new friends and networks. 
  • A chance to build up graduate attribute skills in communication, decision making and leadership to achieve that dream job.
  • The ability to make a positive impact on the experience of first-year students at their Orientation.


Applications are now closed for 2023. Applications will open again towards the end of the year so keep an eye on your student email for the opportunity to join our amazing team of student volunteers. 

For further enquiries, contact:  

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