Diploma Pathway Scholarship

This scholarship program will assist students transition into their chosen degree. The scholarship supports students through an initial Diploma program where the student gains skills required for successful degree studies. Upon completion of their Diploma the students that progress onto a bachelor program receive unit credit and a further scholarship payment.

Application process

No application required. This scholarship is offered concurrently with the course offer.

Number available


Course of study

Any Diploma pathway program.


$2000 per scholarship Two payments of $500.00 paid for enrolment as at census Term 1 and Term 3. Final payment of $1000.00 for progressing to a 2024 Bachelor Degree program on completion of the Diploma course
See Information for recipients for details about general conditions and payments.

Eligibility criteria

Recipients must be:

  1. Commencing Diploma pathway program in 2023
  2. Be offered the Diploma as an Early Offer
  3. Be on track to receive an ATAR of 45 or better.
  4. Be studying full-time.

Selection Criteria

  1. All eligible students will receive this scholarship offer.

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