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Are you uncertain about whether you meet university entry requirements? Or not sure you are ready for the challenges of university learning? Looking for an alternative entry into university that will prepare you for success? SCU College's pathway programs and degrees will set you on the road to success.

SCU College offers preparation and pathway programs to domestic and international students. We provide a range of units for those preparing to enter university, as well as for undergraduate and postgraduate students to improve such areas as study skills, academic writing, research skills, communication and confidence regardless of previous educational background. Contact our dedicated team to learn how we can help you reach your goals.


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“I found it really helpful in building the necessary skills to do a university degree – things like how to reference properly, which was such a big advantage going into first year. It also taught me how to build a study plan, which is about how to fit in all my priorities such as work, study, assignments, and I still use that template now.  ”

Domestic preparation programs

Take the uncertainty out of your university career with our preparation programs for domestic students. Prepare yourself for success or make the transition from high school to university a breeze.

Pathways for domestic students
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International preparation programs

Develop your English and academic skills and set yourself up for success with our preparation programs for international students. We have pathways for international students into both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees.

Pathways for international students
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Undergraduate courses

We have a range of pathway diplomas for students who might not meet the prerequisites for their dream degree or who wish to complete a university degree in one year.

Discover our diploma options
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English language programs for international students

If you need additional English language development, SCU College offers a supportive language environment where you can develop your language and academic skills, and your confidence.

Our English language programs
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Student information

Our team is here to support you in your transition to university degrees. Whether you need assistance learning English, preparing for academic writing or achieving academic credit, our team can help.

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Programs and courses

Learn more about how SCU College’s programs and courses can help give you the opportunity to study at university. Browse through our Transition to Uni, Preparing for Success program, qualifying programs, diplomas and English language programs.

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