Student FAQs about Unit Feedback

The Unit Feedback survey is your opportunity to give honest and open feedback to your unit assessors and academic teaching staff, and contribute to the development of units for future students.

The quality of teaching and learning is also a key component of the University's Strategic Plan.

Unit feedback data, including comments, is used to evaluate success and improve our teaching and learning across many levels of the University.

Academic teaching staff each receive individual reports on their feedback, allowing them to assess the success of their teaching methods, and improve the quality of their teaching.

Unit Assessors receive unit feedback reports, which they combine with other information about their unit to evaluate the success of the delivery. Executive Deans and Associate Deans (Education) check summary results for each of their units, and use student feedback to guide Faculty resources to where they are needed most.

The Vice Chancellor, the University Executive and the SCU Council all regularly receive information on Unit Feedback.

All unit feedback survey dates can be found here: Unit Feedback Survey Calendar

The Unit Feedback survey usually takes under ten minutes to complete. The survey can take longer depending on the number and size of comments you choose to include.

Yes, each question includes space for additional comments and we encourage comments wherever you would like to clarify your choice of rating.

The Office of Business, Intelligence and Review administer the survey separately from academic schools and staff. Your student identity is never included in any feedback reports. To ensure you maintain your privacy, we advise that you avoid comments that might identify you personally.

Your student identity is never provided in reports.

Academic teaching staff will see reports which provide a summary of ratings for the unit and or the teaching, and each of the comments provided.

The Unit Assessor will see a summary of teaching and unit ratings, plus all of the comments students made about their unit.

Executive Deans and other senior staff are provided with reports of summarised ratings for each unit, plus student comments.

All staff and students can view summarised Unit Feedback ratings for Faculties and the University on the Unit Feedback website.

The University will not use or disclose your personal information in any other way without your consent, unless authorised or required by law.

You can read more in our Southern Cross University Unit Feedback Privacy Notice.

Unit assessors and academic teaching staff frequently make changes to unit delivery and teaching methods as a result of student feedback. If you are unsure, ask your Unit Assessor or academic teaching staff what changes they have made as a result of previous Unit Feedback comments and ratings.

Should you require further information or assistance please contact the Unit Feedback survey management team at unitfeedback@scu.edu.au.