Staff FAQs about Unit Feedback


Unit Feedback data are used widely across the SCU: for quality management on teaching in units; as an indicator for staff in academic probation and promotion; and as a measure of achievement against the university's key performance target of improved teaching quality.

Evaluation of teaching and learning is one of the regulatory obligations for Australian universities and used as evidence to show the University meets the Higher Education Standards.

In 2004 SCU established the online student evaluation of units as part of a systematic approach to student feedback on learning and teaching. From 2006 it was mandated that every student would have the opportunity to provide feedback on every coursework unit in every study period using the online feedback system. In 2009 the system was extended to collect feedback on teaching.

The scope of Unit Feedback Survey is every enabling and coursework unit in every study period, in all modes of delivery, including units taught offshore and by SCU's partner institutions such as The Hotel School.

Unit and teacher information for each teaching period is extracted from the Unit and Course Management System (UCMS) and unit enrolment information is extracted from the Student Management system.

First check if UCMS has the correct staff listed for the unit in the appropriate teaching period & location. If not please arrange with the relevant person in your school/college to make the necessary changes (staff additions or removals) in the UCMS. If staff are listed correctly for the teaching period & location please contact BIQ unitfeedback@scu.edu.au.

For a standard teaching session, the question customisation period is Week 11 and Week 12 for sessions and Week 5 for terms. The question customisation period can vary for units taught outside of standard teaching dates.

If you are a unit assessor or teacher in the current teaching session, you will receive an email with a link to the survey allowing you to customise your questions. Detailed instructions on how to customise questions in our survey system.

Unit assessors can select five questions about the unit from this list

Teachers can select four questions about their teaching from this list

The following default questions are included in all surveys, regardless of customisation:
Unit Questions

  • The objective and performance standards in this unit were made clear
  • I am satisfied with the assessment tasks in this unit
  • The workload demands of the unit are about right
  • This unit helped me to develop some valuable skills/attributes
  • I am satisfied with the way this unit was taught/delivered
  • Respect for cultural diversity was embedded in this unit
  • Overall, I am satisfied with this unit

Plus comments 'Here is your opportunity to tell us how to improve this unit'

Teaching Questions

  • The staff member/s makes it clear what I need to do to be successful in this unit
  • The staff member/s is well prepared for classes
  • The staff member/s seems to have a good knowledge of the subject area
  • The staff member/s shows a genuine concern for the quality of my learning
  • The staff member/s presents the subject matter clearly
  • Overall, I am satisfied with the teaching in this unit

Plus comments 'Here is your opportunity to give other feedback on the teaching in this unit'

Teacher Question (Only shown for those teachers the student has selected)

  • Overall I am satisfied with the teaching of (staff name) in this unit

There are no default "customised" questions for units and one default question for teachers. Previously if no questions were selected for customisation, a default set would be used.

The following questions were the default unit questions (used where the unit assessor chose not to customise their questions).

  • In this unit assessment requirements have been made clear to me
  • In this unit I am encouraged to be responsible for my own learning
  • The learning resources in this unit were really good
  • In this unit, adequate learning support was provided to me
  • In this unit, communities of learners were encouraged and supported

The following questions were the default teacher questions (used where the teacher chose not to customise their questions).

  • The staff member communicates enthusiasm for the subject to me
  • In my opinion, the staff member makes good use of examples and illustrations in teaching
  • The staff member develops a class atmosphere that is conducive to my learning
  • In my experience, the staff member applies a realistic definition of excellent performance
  • The staff member encourages me to take an active part in class

For a standard teaching period, the survey period starts in the final week of the period and finishes in the week following the exams period. The survey period can vary for units taught outside of standard teaching dates.

If your teaching is delivered in a non-standard timetable you may request that the survey period for your unit be altered. To start this process, email the details of your unit, including teaching dates to unitfeedback@scu.edu.au

Direct encouragement from unit assessors and teachers can significantly improve response rates for a unit.

To ensure your unit receives the highest possible number of responses, please remind students during classes to complete their Unit Feedback.

If you're a Unit Assessor or teacher in the current survey period you can view your response rate/s at any time using the procedures outlined in Response Rate Monitoring.

At the conclusion of each teaching session, a range of reports are produced. Reports are usually made available following release of grades to students. The standard reports are:

Report User
University-wide Summary Report All staff and students
School Feedback Report Heads of School & Directors of Teaching & Learning
Unit Feedback Report Unit Assessors, Teaching staff, Heads of School
Unit Teacher Summary Unit Assessors, Heads of School
Teaching Feedback Report Teaching staff, Heads of School

You can access feedback reports for all of your units (from Session 3 2014 onwards) by logging into the unit feedback system via Blackboard.

Unit feedback report results can be compared with School and University averages from the University-wide Summary Report. Your School's Director of Teaching & Learning may provide assistance with interpretation of the results and materials to help put individual unit results in context.

You can contact the Unit Feedback survey management team at unitfeedback@scu.edu.au.