Health and safety conduct on campus

The following basic health and safety conduct is expected from all employees, students, contractors, tenants and visitors (including those defined as workers in the relevant work health and safety legislation) at this University.

These codes of conduct are necessary to avoid injury and damage to personal property, and must not be breached. Therefore, all employees, students, contractors and visitors have a duty to report noncompliance. Violation of the rules may result in disciplinary action.

Know and observe the health and safety conduct expected

1. Employees, students, contractors and visitors must be aware of and follow the conduct expected of them at all times while at work or when attending classes. Work Units also have their own specific operating rules and procedures that must also be observed.

Observe all warning and safety signs and danger tags - keep all safety guards in place

2. Warning and safety signs, danger tags and safety guards are put there to ensure everyone is protected from recognised hazards. Do not remove any danger tags until the defective equipment has been repaired or replaced.

Use protective equipment and clothing where provided

3. Employees, students, contractors and visitors have a responsibility to themselves, their families and the University to use, and properly care for, the personal protective equipment and clothing provided for the performance of duties or in the course of their education. Any faults in the condition of any of the equipment should be reported.

Report all injuries

4. University appointed First Aid Officers are available in all University buildings to provide first aid assistance when required. All injuries must be reported as soon as possible, within 24 hours, as follows:-

  • Employees and students are obliged to advise details of injuries sustained while in the course of their work or study, both on and off campus, as soon as possible after the injury occurs. A report must be submitted via the RiskWare portal. If treatment is required, the employee/student should contact their nearest First Aid Officer.
  • Contractors and visitors to the University must report all injuries and/or accidents to a University appointed First Aid Officer who will submit a report on the individual's behalf via the RiskWare portal.

Report all incidents, accidents and hazards

5. An essential part of the University's Health and Safety Program is to identify and evaluate accidents and near-miss incidents as they occur so that recurrences can be avoided or adverse effects reduced. All incidents, accidents and hazards must be reported on an Incident, Accident and Hazard Report and the completed form forwarded to the Manager, Workplace Health and Safety.

No smoking

6. Smoking is not permitted in or on any Southern Cross University premises or land, including buildings, facilities, open spaces, campus perimeters, gardens, walkways, car parks, pool vehicles and all other motor vehicles while on campus.

7. Tobacco products cannot be displayed or advertised in any campus shop.

No alcohol or drugs of abuse during working hours

8. Employees under the influence of illegal drugs or alcohol cannot successfully perform their duties and there is a danger of injury to themselves or others through accidents.

No eating or drinking in all teaching facilities

10. Food items and drinks are not to be taken into the teaching facilities of the University. This is to prevent possible contamination of food and injury to persons as a consequence.

No skylarking

11. Serious injuries and incidents can result from skylarking or practical jokes.

Respond promptly and in an orderly fashion to all sirens and alarms

12. Evacuation procedures are in place for use in emergency situations, eg fire, bomb threat, chemical spill, gas leak etc. This is for the protection of all employees, students, contractors and visitors. Everyone must obey the instructions of Emergency Wardens, Security Staff, Supervisors and the Manager, Workplace Health and Safety.

No firearms or weapons on campus

13. Under no circumstances are firearms or other weapons to be brought onto any University property. This includes all University campuses and residences.

Correct personal protective equipment in laboratory situations

14. Employees, students, contractors and visitors must wear full covered shoes or boots and, where required, eye protection, gloves and lab coats at all times while in University laboratories. Not wearing the appropriate personal protective equipment will result in exclusion from the laboratory.

Skateboards and rollerblades are prohibited

15. The use of skateboards and rollerblades on University property prohibited.


16. The riding of bicycles is strictly prohibited on all pedestrian accesses of the University.