Graphics Gallery

Below are graphics developed for internal promotions and to support teaching and learning at SCU.

pen tablet, keyboard and colour swatches



The Australian and New Zealand Association for Leisure Studies (ANZALS) 2021 conference logo

Larger view

Connection in Isolation logo

SCU Psychology Honours Conference 2020: Connection in Isolation logo

Larger view
connection graphic

Talking Teaching logo

Logo created for online promotion of Talking Teaching webinars

Larger view
TT logo

Peer Support logo

Logo created to promote Peer Support

Larger view
Support logo

Internal Promotional Resources

2020 SoLT Symposium Branding

Symposium of Learning and Teaching online promotion

Larger view
SoLT logo

Student Unit Feedback Survey

Graphics created to promote students accessing the SUF survey from Blackboard

Larger view

Study Buddi logo

This logo and concept was created to promote the Study Buddi student service and brand the service online and on campus

Larger view
Study buddi logo

Numeracy Ready Screens

Series of screen graphics for Numeracy Ready modules

Larger view
Numeracy Ready module 1 screen graphic


Organic Food and Nutrition Infographic

Graduate Certificate in Organic Food and Nutrition

Larger view
Graduate Certificat in Organic Food and Nutrition Infographic

Midwifery Infographic

Graphic created to support Midwifery teaching resources.

Larger view
Silhouette of pregnant woman, student midwife and lecturer surrounding by circle of information

Academic Posters

Study Buddi Poster

Study Buddi posters were created to promote the service on campus.

Larger view
Study Buddi Poster

Gestational Diabetes Poster

This is a Gestational Diabetes conference poster created for NCAHS

Larger view
NCAHS Gestational Diabetes Conference Poster A0 size

Know Your Vehicle poster

This poster was created for Engineering to support vehicle knowledge

Larger view
Know Your Vehicle - Engineering poster

Dementia Conference Poster

NCAHS Conference Dementia Poster size A0

Larger view
NCAHS Dementia Conference Poster size A0

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