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Southern Cross University offers a range of ways to gain entry for those not coming straight from high school to university. Applicants may gain admission based on their previous secondary, tertiary or TAFE studies or by one of the ways listed below:

SCU College

SCU College offers the award-winning, fee-free Preparing for Success at SCU Program (PSP) that teaches students the academic skills required for success at university. Successfully completing the PSP allows students to proceed directly to an SCU College Diploma or a linked Bachelor degree. 

SCU College

Work experience

Work experience entailing a significant level of responsibility may be considered when calculating a selection rank for entry to university. Details of any such work experience should be included in your application for study.

Trade qualified applicants will receive a selection rank and therefore should include details of their trade certificate and work experience in their application.

Any other applicant who has completed a qualification as a requirement of their employment should also include those details in their application.

Personal competencies statement

Southern Cross University recognises that many aspects of a person's life experience results in the development of skills, abilities and knowledge which relate directly to tertiary study for some undergraduate courses.

If you feel that this applies to you, then you should provide a Personal Competencies Statement which addresses the following selection criteria:

  • What practical steps have you taken to prepare for tertiary study?
  • Why have you chosen your preferred course?
  • What have you done that demonstrates you have the capacity for independent study/learning?
  • What communication and interpersonal skills have you developed and how will these contribute to your ability to study at tertiary level?
  • What are your major life achievements and experiences, and how may these relate to your future success in tertiary study?
  • What skills, knowledge and abilities do you bring to tertiary study that you believe will help you succeed in your proposed studies?

Your statement should be no more than five A4 pages. You should also include contact details of at least two referees who will support your responses to the stated criteria. It is strongly recommended that you sit the Special Tertiary Admissions Test (STAT) if you intend providing a Personal Competencies Statement.

Special Tertiary Admissions Test (STAT)

If you have no formal academic qualifications that you can use to gain entry to Southern Cross University or you intend to submit a Personal Competencies Statement it is recommended that you sit the Special Tertiary Admissions Test (STAT).

The STAT is a two hour aptitude test that enables participants to demonstrate their ability to understand and think critically about issues. The results are used for admission assessment for most undergraduate courses at Southern Cross University. The test is coordinated by the tertiary admission centres in each state however you do not need to be a UAC or QTAC applicant to sit the STAT. The results of a STAT are valid for ten years.

For more information regarding STAT in your state go to:

SCU Elite Athletes and Performers Scheme

If you are an elite athlete or performer, Southern Cross University supports athletes competing at a national or international level through the Elite Athletes Program.

Read more about the Southern Cross University Elite Athletes and Performers Scheme.

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