What can be funded?

SSAF Supported

There are restrictions on what SSAF can be spent on. These have been determined by the Commonwealth Government and fall into nineteen areas. The University can choose to deliver the services and amenities themselves or contract a third party to deliver them. The SSAF allocation process for 2023 will commence with student consultation in July 2022; see below the government funding guidelines to view the three steps of the process.

2022 SSAF Survey Report
2022 SSAF Allocation and Priorities
2021 SSAF Expenditure Report

Government Funding Guidelines Examples of what could be funded with SSAF Examples of what cannot be funded by SSAF in this category
providing food or drink to students on a campus of the higher education provider
  • Food supplies in common room and student lounge
  • Catering at student events
  • Free food lunch options
  • Weekly barbeque or food event
  • Subsidised coffee and beverages
  • Catering at compulsory residential events for online students on-campus
  • Providing food to drink off-campus
  • Providing food vouchers
supporting a sporting or other recreational activity by students Sport
  • Subsidy for participation in local, state and national University sport events
  • Support SCU Teams in community events e.g. Gold Coast Marathon
  • Inter-university sport and recreation
  • Sport and recreation on campuses (social sport)
  • Orientation social and networking events
  • Student events
  • Creative workshops
  • Movie nights
  • Festivals and celebrations
  • Subsidised registration for a non SCU Team that is not associated with the University
supporting the administration of a club most of whose members are students Student Associations
  • Student Association operational costs
  • Helpline for postgraduate Students
Clubs and Societies
  • Student clubs and societies
  • Sporting clubs and teams
caring for children of students
  • Subsidy towards childcare in your residential location
  • Pop-up crèche on campus for exam periods
providing legal services to students
  • Subsidised use of an existing legal firm
promoting the health or welfare of students
  • Out-of-hours crisis support line and text service
  • Student Wellness magazine
  • After hours shuttle from Campus events
  • Subsidised gym membership to campus or affiliated gyms
  • Yoga and relaxation classes
  • Stress less activities
  • Personal safety classes
  • Mental health training
  • Health and wellness programs
helping students secure accommodation
  • Accommodation service to source external accommodation
  • Subsidies for student placement or practicum accommodation
helping students obtain employment or advice on careers
  • Careers and employability service
  • Online career readiness tool
  • Labour hire agency
helping students with their financial affairs
  • Financial management training
  • Welfare vouchers or exceptional circumstance payments
  • Paying for compulsory course requirements
helping students obtain insurance against personal accidents    
supporting debating by students    
providing libraries and reading rooms (other than those provided for academic purposes) for students
  • Changes and refurbishment of student lounge area
  • Free printing for online students with free postage if more than 100 km from campus
supporting an artistic activity by students
  • Student performance events
supporting the production and dissemination to students of media whose content is provided by students
  • Student magazine
  • Student study tips and advice
  • Printing and binding of student materials
helping students develop skills for study, by means other than undertaking courses of study in which they are enrolled Short courses
  • time management
  • assessment planning
  • software training
  • public speaking
  • conference presentation
  • Compulsory requirements of a Unit or Course such as: First Aid, CPR or Mental Health First Aid training
advising on matters arising under the higher education provider’s rules (however described)
  • Advocacy service
advocating students’ interests in matters arising under the higher education provider’s rules (however described)
  • Advocacy service
giving students information to help them in their orientation
  • Orientation program for all student groups
  • Orientation social events
helping meet the specific needs of overseas students relating to their welfare, accommodation and employment
  • Shuttle bus service to local shops
  • Student networking events and programs

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The 2023 SSAF allocation process

Student consultation

The consultation period will commence in February 2023 with gathering feedback on the consultation process from of all SSAF paying students. Discussions with democratically elected student representatives and Student Associations will follow in mid-2023.

Proposed Consultation Process

Timeline Activity Who
From 2022 Consultation Plan
Dec 2022 2023 SSAF allocations Approved (by the VC) VPS&R
Jan 2023 2022 SSAF Allocation and Priorities Survey Results Published VPS&R
Jan 2023 Financial and Activity Outcome Reports for 2022 SSAF Expenditure required for all funded activities All funded bodies
Feb 2023 2023 SSAF allocations Published VPS&R
Feb 2023 2022 SSAF Expenditure report published VPS&R


Proposed 2023 Consultation Plan

Timing Activity Who
Jan-Feb 2023 DRAFT SSAF Consultation Plan published for student feedback (all students and Student Associations Committees as elected student reps) VPS&R
Feb 2023 Draft SSAF Consultation Plan amended according to feedback and presented to Council for approval. VPS&R
Feb/March 2023 SSAF Consultation Plan published VPS&R
April-Dec 2023 Ongoing Review of funded activities against approved plans and allocations(April/Aug/Nov) All funded bodies
June 2023 SSAF Allocation and Priorities Survey released (assess student priorities for 2024) All enrolled students
August 023 SSAF Allocation and Priorities Survey results collated and published All enrolled students
October 2023 Student Associations invited to submit proposals for 2024 SSAF allocations in accordance with the SSAF Funding Request Guidelines and SSAF Allocations and Priorities Survey results All Student Associations
Nov-Dec 2023 Proposals reviewed and funds allocated (post VC approval) VPS&R
Vice Chancellor


Subject to Council’s approval, the Vice President Students and Registrar will take necessary steps to publish the student consultation plan for 2023 and implement associated processes.

Students wishing to provide comment about the proposed 2023 SSAF Consultation process should email ssaf@scu.edu.au by 10 February 2023.

Fund allocation

A Committee will allocate 2023 SSAF funds over two meetings held in September and October 2021. Where funds are available for an application process, applications will open in late September 2022.

Outcome and reporting

Funding recipients will receive notification of 2023 SSAF allocations in the first week of December 2022. Recipients will be required to provide a half-yearly financial report and a final evaluation by 10 February 2024.

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