Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF) - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

SSAF is charged per unit based on the unit’s credit point value. The amount you will pay will depend on your enrolled units credit points for the Session or Study Period.

See the Fee Schedules for full details.

The due dates for Student Services and Amenities Fee can be found in My Enrolment, and on the relevant invoice. Alternatively, see the Due Dates for Student Fees page for information about due dates.

You are able to pay your SSAF via our Payment Portal, BPay or Post Billpay. See further details at Invoices and payments of tuition fees and charges.

Eligible students should defer their SSAF through the SA-HELP loan scheme, to be paid at a later date. Eligibility for SA HELP is restricted to Australian citizens, or Permanent Humanitarian visa holders enrolled in an award course.

If a student is ineligible for SA-HELP they are required to pay the SSAF up-front by the due date set by the University.

It should be noted that no refund or remission of the SSAF is available following withdrawal after census date.

If the SSAF due date has passed you are able to pay the fee by direct payment to the University to ensure that you are not placed on a student sanction.

A student on sanctions will not be able to view grades in My Enrolment, and not be able to graduate at the end of the degree.

Eligible students can still defer the SSAF by completing a SA-HELP form, which will take effect for the next session.

Students who are eligible to defer the SSAF to the Australian Taxation office should do so by completing a Request for SA-HELP Loan form prior to enrolling. You can still pay the fee up front, but you must do so before the due date. All other students are required to pay the fee directly up-front.

  1. Ensure you have your tax file number available
  2. Login to My Enrolment
  3. Go to Commonwealth Assistance Forms and choose Add New against your current course*
  4. Complete form for 'Request for SA-Help Loan'
  5. After you have successfully filled in all fields select Submit
  6. This form will automatically be approved. If filled in correctly you will see a green confirmation box.

* If you are admitted to more than one course, please ensure you complete a request for SA-HELP Loan for all courses.

If you do not complete an SA-HELP form you will need to pay your SSAF directly to the University by the due date on your invoice.

An SA-HELP form can be completed in My Enrolment up to and including the day the fee is due for that study period. If an SA-HELP form has been completed after this date you will be required to pay the fee for that study period directly to the University. The SA-HELP form will take effect from the next study period.


Yes. Students are required to complete an SA-HELP form for each course of admission.

SSAF is charged in all sessions and study periods per unit based on the unit’s credit point value up to the maximum amount set each year.

You only need to apply for SA-HELP once for a course. If you change your course or University you will be required to re-apply.

All enrolled students will be charged the SSAF unless they are in one of the following exemption categories:

  • International offshore students (admitted to an offshore degree)
  • Studying the Preparing for Success at SCU Program
  • Studying the SCU Head-Start program
  • Incoming Cross-institutional student
  • English language courses students
  • Studying internally at an offshore location
  • Incarcerated students
  • Studying a Doctor of Philosophy, Masters by Research, or Professional Doctorate Program