Honours information

The Honours program is an intense and exciting research program. It admits talented and recognised academics, who will go on to have an excellent chance of being accepted into a PhD program offered by the Faculty of Education.

Greater depth

Extend the depth of your education degree

Improved career outcomes

Enhance your education career pathways

Pathway to PhD

Develop a basis for gaining entry into the PhD program

Completing your Honours Degree

Honours students at the Faculty of Education will be regarded as budding researchers who will contribute significantly to the research culture at the Faculty. Through completion of the Honours degree, students will:

  •     Acquire an understanding of various research methods in the field of education
  •     Demonstrate content mastery in relation to a substantive issue or problem domain within the field of education
  •     Demonstrate a capacity to design, frame, conduct and report a small-scale inquiry in the field of education.

More Information

More information about the Honours program can also be found on the Bachelor of Education (Honours) course page. 

A supervisor will work with students in conceptualising and developing the Honours thesis in both courses as well as providing advice and guidance in other issues related to the Honours program. Students should maintain regular contact with their supervisor to ensure that work on the thesis component is completed at a consistent pace throughout the program.

Holly Wedd stands in a classroom at South Grafton High School with a group of five children gathered around a school table working through maths problem

Course structure of the Honours program

This program is a one-year add-on to your existing undergraduate education degree. To complete this program and receive the award of Honours you must successfully complete the units of study below, including the thesis units, which requires the development of an Honours thesis of 18,000 words.