Vision, Values and Philosophy

Vision statement

The Southern Cross University Discipline of Nursing is committed to preparing the highest quality nursing graduates with knowledge and attributes that meet the needs of a challenging and complex healthcare environment. We endeavour to be known for our teaching innovation, collaborative partnerships and research outputs that make us the preferred nursing education provider in our region.

Operational Philosophical Statement

The SCU Bachelor of Nursing course does more than simply prepare students for practice as a Registered Nurse. Graduates will exit the course as safe and competent practitioners whose learning has been embedded in the best contemporary evidence. Graduates of the SCU Bachelor of Nursing are prepared to effectively respond to modern healthcare challenges of rapidly emergent technology, exhibit effective clinical leadership and provide compassionate, patient-centred care. The knowledge, emotional intelligence and clinical capabilities of our graduates are consistent with the NMBA standards for practice. These capabilities are cultivated as the student is actively immersed in a range of innovative and challenging learning experiences that are consciously designed to enable the construction of critical thinking, experiential learning and refinement of mindfully executed clinical skills, which constitute practice.

Course learning for the SCU Bachelor of Nursing is progressively scaffolded over the three years as the student’s cognitive, emotional and clinical capabilities actively grow and their capacity to engage, think critically and reflect are refined and inform their nursing interventions. Reflection prior to and following action is a central theme to our learning philosophy and draws upon a  student’s past understandings, lived experiences and exposure to nursing practice as they progress through the program. Reflection is facilitated through discourse in the class, laboratory activities, clinical placement and writing activities. Students learn to source and appraise relevant information and evidence to thoughtfully apply in practice, while a student, and across the lifetime as an ongoing learner and autonomous health professional.

Discipline of Nursing Values

Graduate Values

  1. We are committed to developing nursing graduates who are confident, competent and pro-active practitioners, equipped with the qualities and skills to think critically, communicate effectively, and deliver culturally-aware, evidence-based, high-quality care.
  2. Our nursing graduates are taught to be the industry leaders of the future, capable of generating and applying new knowledge and contributing to research outcomes that have a national and international impact. 

Teaching Values

  1. We value the diversity of our teaching community, understand how our personal philosophies work together and provide team support through positive role-modelling and
  2. We aim to deliver a contemporary curriculum that is engaged with the nursing profession and adaptive to emergent pedagogies. Our teaching excellence is achieved through innovative and versatile teaching strategies that promote independent student learning, critical thinking and reflexivity.

Reputation Values

  1. We aim to be the preferred education provider in our region, known for producing high-quality nursing graduates that have integrity and a strong professional identity, are employable, safe, conscientious and leaders of the future.
  2. We are respected by clinical stakeholders, research communities and local, national and international partners. We work collaboratively to extend our reputation nationally and internationally through high-quality research outputs, involvement in successful collaborative projects and representation in key strategic and national priority positions.

Research Values

  1. We aim to develop nursing graduates who are cognisant of local, national and global health priorities, equipped with the skills to critique and translate scientific evidence into clinical practice.
  2. We value collaborative research opportunities with community, industry and government that will positively impact safety and quality standards, address healthcare priorities, improve future health outcomes, and promote the delivery of focused, person-centred health care.
  3. We aim to deliver cohesive research training and mentorship to inspire growth and development at a personal and organisational level.

Partnership Values

  1. We will invest in partnerships that further the health and wellbeing of individuals, families and communities
  2. We value equitable and respectful partnerships and seek to enhance these with students, faculty and external partners
  3. We foster relationships and collaboration to ensure that the lived experience of health, illness and service use is central to everything we do.