Our People

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Professor Julie Jomeen

Executive Dean, Faculty of Health and Professor of Midwifery

Julie Jomeen, Professor of Midwifery, is the Executive Dean, Faculty of Health. Prior to joining Southern Cross University, Julie was Dean, Faculty of Health at the University of Hull, UK. Julie is a nurse and midwife who moved into academia following a PhD at the University of Leeds, UK and she remains an active maternity researcher. Julie's role is to ensure the Faculty of Health is a major contributor to the region's healthcare workforce and carries out world-leading research to tackle some of the biggest health challenges facing society. Donna Simon is the Executive Assistant to Julie and can be contacted at execdeanhealth@scu.edu.au 


Faculty of Health Executive

Fiona Naumann

Professor Fiona Naumann

Associate Dean Education

Professor Naumann is a teaching and learning scholar in the field of digital innovation, course transformation, Interprofessional Education and clinical assessment. She is a Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. Fiona is also a Professor of Clinical Exercise Physiology, specialising in the field of exercise oncology.

Professor Marianne Wallis AM

Associate Dean Research

Professor Marianne Wallis has been a Chief Investigator in numerous large projects that have aimed at improving the nursing care of hospitalised patients, with impaired skin integrity, and improving health service delivery, especially for the frail elderly in the emergency department.

John Hurley

Professor John Hurley

Director Higher Degrees Research

John is a Professor of Mental Health and works clinically at Headspace as a credentialed mental health nurse and experiential psychotherapist. John is a Fellow of the Australian College of Mental Health Nursing and a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. Topics of expertise are mental health, emotional intelligence and health workforce.

Jennene Greenhill

Professor Jennene Greenhill

Chair of Nursing

As a nurse leader, Jennene is passionate about socially accountable health professional education and research that benefits communities, especially disadvantaged populations. Her international research profile encompasses rural health workforce, transformative learning, and health service improvement in underserved communities.

Chris Stevens

Associate Professor Chris Stevens

Chair of Human Sciences

Associate Professor Chris Stevens teaches into the units ‘Exercise Physiology’ and ‘Exercise Physiology and Prescription’. His research interests include improving all aspects of sports performance, specifically the areas of sports physiology and environmental physiology.

Jacqui Yoxall

Associate Professor Jacqui Yoxall

Chair of Allied Health, Social Work and Community Welfare and Midwifery

Associate Professor Yoxall has been a registered psychologist since 1997. Much of her work has involved inter-professional collaboration and establishment of innovative approaches to healthcare, particularly in regional and rural areas. Her research interests lie in human response to trauma, the nexus between psychology and criminal or civil law, and psychological assessment.

Professor Anne Graham AO

Professor of Childhood Studies Centre for Children and Young People

Professor Anne Graham AO is the Founding Director of the Centre for Children and Young People (CCYP). Anne’s research interests focus primarily on children and young people’s wellbeing, safety and participation, as well as ethical issues in researching and working with children in different contexts. She has led over 70 research projects, including 8 ARC funded studies. Under Anne's leadership the CCYP has built the reputation of SCU in providing quality, high impact research involving children.

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Professor Jon Wardle

Foundation Director, National Centre for Naturopathic Medicine

Professor Jon Wardle is Foundation Director of the National Centre for Naturopathic Medicine (NCNM) and Maurice Blackmore Chair of Naturopathic Medicine at Southern Cross University. In addition to clinical qualifications in nursing and naturopathic medicine, Jon has postgraduate qualifications in public health, law and health economics and holds visiting positions at Boston University, University of Washington and University of Oxford.

Prue Berry

Prue Berry

Faculty Manager

Prue has 15 years’ experience as a professional in the higher education sector, having worked as the Domestic Recruitment Director and Law Faculty Business Director at Bond University and the Engagement Manager with the Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre before coming to SCU.

Course Coordinators

Bachelor of Clinical Sciences
Master of Osteopathic Medicine
Bimbi Gray (Lismore)
T: +61 2 6620 3948
E: bimbi.gray@scu.edu.au

Bachelor of Speech Pathology
Corinne Cribb (Lismore)
E: corinne.cribb@scu.edu.au

Bachelor of Podiatry
Bachelor of Podiatry and Pedorthics

Paul Butterworth (Gold Coast)
E: paul.butterworth@scu.edu.au

Bachelor of Midwifery
Lisa Charmer (Gold Coast)
T: +61 7 5589 3462
E: lisa.charmer@scu.edu.au

Bachelor of Occupational Therapy
Michelle Bissett (Gold Coast)
E: michelle.bissett@scu.edu.au

Bachelor of Community Welfare
Bachelor of Social Work
Bachelor of Social Work (Honours)
Dr Darran Stonehouse (Gold Coast)
E: darran.stonehouse@scu.edu.au

Master of Social Work (Professional Qualifying)
Dr Erica Russ (Gold Coast)

Bachelor of Psychological Science
Bachelor of Exercise Science and Psychological Science
Bachelor of Psychological Science, Bachelor of Business and Enterprise

Dr Dylan Poulus (Gold Coast)
E: dylan.poulus@scu.edu.au

Bachelor of Psychological Science with Honours
Dr Eric Brymer (Gold Coast)
E: eric.brymer@scu.edu.au

Bachelor of Counselling
Professor Ebi Cocodia (Coffs Harbour)
E: ebi.cocodia@scu.edu.au

Bachelor of Clinical Exercise Physiology
Dr Jodie Cochrane Wilkie (Gold Coast)
E: jodie.cochrane.wilkie@scu.edu.au

Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science
Dr Zachary Crowley-McHattan (Lismore)
E: zac.crowley@scu.edu.au

Bachelor of Health and Human Sciences Honours
Dr Kyle Bennett (Coffs Harbour)
T: +61 2 6659 3183
E: kyle.bennett@scu.edu.au

Bachelor of Biomedical Science
Dr Ken Wojcikowski (Lismore)
T: +61 7 5589 3388
E: ken.wojcikowski@scu.edu.au

Master of Professional Psychology
Dr Belinda Barton (Coffs Harbour)
E: belinda.barton@scu.edu.au

Bachelor of Health Science (Health and Lifestyle)
Rebecca Redmond (Lismore)

Master of Integrative Medicine
Master of Naturopathic Medicine
Master of Advanced Naturopathic Medicine
Graduate Certificate Advanced Naturopathic Medicine

Dr Andrea Bugarcic (Lismore)
E: andrea.bugarcic@scu.edu.au

Master of Lifestyle Medicine
Graduate Certificate Lifestyle Medicine

Dr John Stevens (Lismore)
E: john.stevens@scu.edu.au

Bachelor of Nursing
Louise Ward (Lismore)
E: louise.ward@scu.edu.au

Bachelor of Nursing (Enrolled Nurse to Registered Nurse Pathway only)
Dima Nasrawi (Gold Coast)
E: dima.nasrawi@scu.edu.au

Master of Healthcare Leadership
Graduate Certificate in Healthcare Leadership
Dr Sarah Tillott (Gold Coast)

Master of Mental Health
Master of Mental Health Nursing
Graduate Diploma of Mental Health
Graduate Diploma of Mental Health Nursing
Graduate Certificate in Mental Health Graduate Certificate in Mental Health Nursing
Dr Richard Lakeman (Gold Coast)
+61 7 5589 3354

Master of Nursing (GEM)
Dr Sam Lapkin (Gold Coast)

Academic Staff

Discipline Name Job Title
Anatomy and Physiology Vini Fernandes Cruzat Lecturer
Biomedical Science Jessica Browne Lecturer
Biomedical Science Karlah Norkunas Lecturer
Biomedical Science Nedeljka Rosic Senior Lecturer
Centre for Children and Young People Antonia Canosa Research Fellow
Centre for Children and Young People Anne Graham Professor of Childhood Studies
Counselling Ebi Cocodia Professor
Exercise Physiology Luke Del Vecchio Lecturer
Exercise Science Rosalind Beavers Lecturer (Teaching Scholar)
Exercise Science Christian Swann Associate Professor
Exercise Science John Whitting Senior Lecturer
Healthcare Leadership Diarmuid Hurley Associate Lecturer
Human Physiology Lily Guo Lecturer
Human Science Courtney McGowan Lecturer
Mental Health Nursing Katrina Campbell Lecturer
Mental Health Nursing Kate Currey Lecturer
Mental Health Nursing Daniel Sullivan Lecturer
Midwifery Maree Crepinsek Lecturer (Teaching Scholar)
Midwifery Lyn Ebert Associate Professor
Midwifery Karin Mills Lecturer (Teaching Scholar)
Midwifery Julie Young Associate Lecturer
Nursing Christina Aggar Associate Professor
Nursing Katrina Austen Lecturer
Nursing Sherryn Bailey Lecturer (Teaching Scholar)
Nursing Andrew Cashin Professor
Nursing Frances Doran Senior Lecturer
Nursing Anna Foster Lecturer (Teaching Scholar)
Nursing Ya-Ling Huang Lecturer
Nursing Marie Hutchinson Professor
Nursing Elicia Kunst Lecturer (Teaching Scholar)
Nursing Sam Lapkin Associate Lecturer
Nursing Willa Maguire Associate Lecturer (Teaching Scholar)
Nursing Bernadine Romero Lecturer (Teaching Scholar)
Nursing Kaylene Barchetta Associate Lecturer (teaching Scholar)
Nursing Nicole Graham Lecturer
Nursing Brenda Happell Professor
Nursing Claire Hutchinson Lecturer
Nursing Ron McAndrew Lecturer
Nursing Gayle Pooley Lecturer
Nursing Kolleen Miller-Rosser Lecturer (Teaching Scholar)
Nursing Dima Nasrawi Lecturer
Nursing Liz Rix Lecturer
Nursing Theane Theophilos Lecturer (Teaching Scholar)
Nursing Felicity Walker Lecturer
Nursing Nicci Whiteing Senior Lecturer
Nursing Donna Wilson Lecturer
Nursing Andrew Woods Lecturer(Teaching Scholar)
Occupational Therapy Charmaine Bernie Lecturer
Occupational Therapy Danielle Bull Associate Lecturer (Teaching Scholar)
Occupational Therapy Lisa Couzens Associate Lecturer
Occupational Therapy Vicki Tillott Lecturer (Teaching Scholar)
Occupational Therapy Kristy Buist Lecturer
Occupational Therapy Kirsten Deutschmann Associate Lecturer
Occupational Therapy Linda Furness Lecturer
Occupational Therapy Morgan Pearson Associate Lecturer
Osteopathy Raymond Blaich Lecturer (Teaching Scholar)
Osteopathy Shaun Coleman Lecturer
Osteopathy Stephen Dullard Lecturer (Teaching Scholar)
Osteopathy Sandra Grace Professor
Osteopathy Paul Orrock Associate Professor
Public Health Gillian Gould Professor
Public Health Ratika Kumar Research Fellow
Podiatry and Pedorthics Alex Barwick Lecturer
Podiatry and Pedorthics Paul Butterworth Senior Lecturer
Podiatry and Pedorthics Rebecca Gilroy Lecturer (Teaching Scholar)
Podiatry and Pedorthics Alex Terrill Lecturer (Teaching Scholar)
Psychology Kachina Allen Lecturer
Psychology Belinda Barton Lecturer
Psychology Eric Brymer Senior Lecturer
Psychology Louise Horstmanshof Senior Lecturer
Psychology Mitchell Longstaff Associate Lecturer
Psychology Gail Moloney Associate Professor
Psychology Dylan Poulus Lecturer
Psychology Mary-Anne Kate Lecturer
Psychology Ruben Laukkonen Lecturer
Psychology Royce Willis Lecturer
Psychology Sally Sargeant Associate Professor
Public Health Carrie Thomson-Casey Lecturer
Statistics Joanne Bradbury Senior Lecturer
Social Work Kathomi Gatwiri Senior Lecturer
Social Work Clarissa Hitchcock Associate Lecturer
Social Work Mark Hughes Professor
Social Work Lynne Mcpherson Associate Professor
Social Work Liz Reimer Senior Lecturer
Social Work Erica Russ Senior Lecturer
Social Work Darran Stonehouse Lecturer
Social Work Louise Whitaker Senior Lecturer
Social Work Menka Tsantefski Associate Professor
Social Work Meaghan Vosz Research Fellow
Speech Pathology Lisa Carey Lecturer
Speech Pathology Corinne Cribb Lecturer
Speech Pathology Bridgette Hill Associate Lecturer (PEL)
Speech Pathology Melissa Kemp Lecturer
Speech Pathology Kirstine Shrubsole Lecturer

Professional Staff

Name Job Title
Aimee Ahu Work Integrated Learning Specialist
Brenda Allan SCU Health Clinic Manager
Juan Arrieta Terreros Senior Technical & Laboratory Officer
Robert Baglin Technical & Laboratory Manager
Kristy Barker Technical & Laboratory Officer
Liz Bartlett Curriculum & Accreditation Manager
Leanne Bates Technical & Laboratory Officer
Duncan Blair Senior Technical & Laboratory Officer
Elise Boardman Technical & Laboratory Team Leader
Bronwyn Browne Technical & Laboratory Officer
Nelson Burgos Rodriguez Work Integrated Learning Coordinator
Ross Callan Technical & Laboratory Officer
Kirsten Cameron Technical & Laboratory Officer
Sharni Carberry Project Engagement Officer
Laura Carnovale Curriculum and Accred Coordinator
Louise Casson Administrative Assistant
Natasha Cook Administrative Assistant
Theresa Crawford

Work Integrated Learning Coordinator

Emilee Devine Receptionist
Renea Duignan General Manager
Amanda Ensbey Technical & Laboratory Officer
Shannon Everest Research Project Officer
Melissa Friend Professional Experience Officer
Gina La Hera Fuentes Research Assistant - iSISTAQUIT Project
Sonia Gardner Hillgrove Technical & Laboratory Officer
Karlyn Gibson Communications and Outreach Officer
Kate Giles Technical and Laboratory Team Leader
Kylie Graham Administrative Assistant
Kate Haines Administrative Assistant
Zoe Hayes Work Integrated Learning Coordinator
Jamie Hetherington Bioscience Technical and Laboratory Officer
Jennifer Hollier Senior Technical & Laboratory Officer
Rebecca Hyland Senior Project Manager
Rebekah Jacobitz Work Integrated Learning Coordinator
Rima Jinjuvadia Work Integrated Learning Coordinator
Lana Kairey Research Assistant Clinical Trials
Annabelle Keene Technical and Laboratory Team Leader
Rebecca Lever Manager, Work Integrated Learning
Fiona Lotherington Technical & Laboratory Team Leader
Amanda Madden Administrative Assistant
Debbie McEwan Technical & Laboratory Officer
Ruth Orr Administrative Assistant
Vanessa O'Rourke

Work Integrated Learning Coordinator

Renee Parker Curriculum & Accreditation Coordinator
Anna Poulsen Technical & Laboratory Team Leader
Amy Pracilio Senior Project Manager
Laura Robson

Work Integrated Learning Coordinator

Emma Shannon Administrative Assistant
Donna Simon Executive Assistant
Siobhan Starr

Fit to Practice Officer

Paula Steffensen Technical & Laboratory Officer
Tanya Stewart Research Support Officer
Hannah Sunde Technical & Laboratory Officer
Lachlan Suter Technical & Laboratory Officer
Joshua Targett Technical & Laboratory Officer
Jessica Taylor Clinical Trials Coordinator
Jacoba Van Crugten Senior Technical and Laboratory Officer
Nicole Waller Curriculum & Accreditation Coordinator
Brendan Webb

Work Integrated Learning Coordinator

Nathan Whiting Technical and Laboratory Officer (O/T & Osteo)
Tayla Wood

Fit to Practice Officer

Kym Yuke Project Manager

Contact the Faculty of Health

Executive Assistant to the Executive Dean

Donna Simon
T: +61 7 5589 3224
E: ExecDeanHealth@scu.edu.au

Associate Dean Research

Professor Marianne Wallis AM
M: +61 427 633 708
E: marianne.wallis@scu.edu.au

Associate Dean Education

Professor Fiona Naumann
T: +61 7 5589 3470
E: fiona.naumann@scu.edu.au