The University has first aid facilities and appointed first aid officers on all campuses to provide initial first aid treatment to individuals who are unwell or injured.

Initial first aid is provided by an appointed First Aid Officer. If a First Aid Officer cannot be located, assistance may be given by someone other than a First Aid Officer where appropriate.

First aid should only be administered within the person's level of training and competence. If the first aid provider believes the treatment required is beyond their capabilities, they must seek professional assistance.

When first aid treatment is given, instructions issued by the first aid provider must be followed by those in attendance.

Find a list available of current First Aid Officers.

In the event of an emergency, the relevant University Emergency Management Plan should be followed.


First aid rooms and first aid kits are provided following the requirements of the relevant state legislation. The location and details of the facilities on each campus can be obtained from any of the University's designated First Aid Officers or the Workplace Health and Safety Team.

First aid kits are also provided in all University pool vehicles.

Signs displayed in each building provide details of the nearest First Aid Officer.

Defibrillators are available on each campus. Security should be contacted if a defibrillator is required.

Appointment process of first aid officers

The Head of Work Unit provides a written recommendation to the Manager, Workplace Health and Safety when a first aid officer is required. The recommendation should include details of the employee nominated for the appointment and either a certified copy of the employee's original nationally recognised Australian first aid qualification or a request that first aid training be arranged for the employee.

Where the appointment is approved by the Manager, Workplace Health and Safety, HR Services will send a letter of offer to the employee detailing the duties and the terms and conditions of the appointment to the employee.

Other employees holding first aid qualifications

Other employees, who are not 'designated' University First Aid Officers, may be required to hold current first aid qualifications for the purposes of their position with the University for example, Technical Officers, Facilities Officers, and other front line staff. These employees should provide first aid within their level of training and competence, as needed.