Emergency and Crisis Management

We are committed to creating a safe and welcoming environment. The team takes safety seriously and the Emergency & Crisis Management Framework is a vital in our planning for potential emergencies.

Should an emergency situation arise, all occupants should follow the instructions of those in authority who will be delivering instruction and assistance as per the emergency management framework which includes:

In situations where University staff and students are accommodated within another organisation (e.g. Coffs Harbour Education Campus), compliance with the host organisation’s emergency procedures is expected.


Property Services have recently reviewed and developed new Emergency & Crisis Management Plans for our Lismore, Gold Coast and National Marine Science Centre campus locations, which all staff, students, contractors and visitors can access below. We have addressed new types of emergencies and ensured that each procedure is easy to understand and apply. Additional resources can be found on the last pages of the plans to aid with potential emergencies such as bomb threats and much more.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact Property Services.

Emergency & Crisis Management Plan - Lismore & Gold Coast  Published Sept 2023

Emergency Management Plan - NMSC Published Nov 2022

Some additional supporting information is outlined below:

Should you require assistance during an emergency, please prepare by completing a Personal emergency evacuation plan template for whs@scu.edu.au.

Please refer to the Emergency contacts table to locate your nearest emergency warden, first aid officer or safety support officer.

Looking through building to stairwell and study space

Immediate Response

For any situation requiring an immediate emergency response to preserve life or property, Southern Cross University recommends the following actions:

1. Danger - Assess for danger to yourself and others;

2. First aid - If applicable, deliver first aid to the best of your ability;

3. Call 000;

4. Call Campus Security; who will immediately:

Attend scene;

Notify emergency services as needed; and

Advise Southern Cross University management.

6. If you are a staff member, call and advise your supervisor;

If your supervisor is unavailable, call the WHS Team.

7. Continue to assess and ensure your own safety.