Current Articulation Credit Linkages and Pathways

The University works with articulation partners to evaluate the learning experiences in units, courses, qualifications, or occupations to pre-determine:

whether minimum academic or English language proficiency requirements are met; and/or
any amount of credit transfer that may be awarded.

Preferred articulation models

A number of articulation models are available to streamline entry (Admission), English proficiency and/or credit for prior learning, including:

  • National or regional Credit Linkages that are NOT subject to a formal agreement. Linkages apply to any person that holds the named accredited course/qualification or occupation, regardless of which institute issued the award/qualification or statement of service; or
  • Institute specific Pathways that may be supported by a formal Agreement. Pathways apply only to a person that holds the named non-accredited or accredited course/qualification or occupation, issued by the specified articulation partner.

The University also cooperates to develop Reciprocal (reverse) Pathways, which support the recognition and mobility of current Southern Cross students and graduates into Vocational Education and Training (VET) or specialist Higher Education (HE) qualifications offered by other institutes.

You'll find definitions for these and other relevant terms in the Glossary of Terminology.
To know more about becoming an articulation partner with Southern Cross University, enquire online or apply to create a new arrangement.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Pathways to Success

We provide customised university preparation and entry pathways that consider your current western and Indigenous knowledge, skills and goals to help you transition from community education or school by building your academic skills and confidence for university in a culturally safe place.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Testing and Assessment Pathways

If you are an Aboriginal or a Torres Strait Islander who has applied to study at Southern Cross University, but you don’t receive an offer into your preferred degree, there is an alternative entry scheme available. Aptitude tests are strong predictors of study and workplace effectiveness, as they measure a variety of abilities and knowledge, including Indigenous Knowledge, relevant to your field of interest.

The Testing and Assessment Program allows you to sit an aptitude assessment task (set at grade 10 and 11 levels) which will be assessed by an Indigenous academic who will discuss your skills, study preferences and career goals and advise you regarding your best options for university admission, progression and success.

We even consider learning already undertaken to ensure you commence your Southern Cross University journey at the right level and don’t need to relearn things you have already deadly at. This can include:

  • Receiving an offer into the course you have applied for;
  • Considering an alternative path into your preferred undergraduate or postgraduate degree, which may include:
    • full or partial completion of the Preparing for Success Program;
    • completion of a unit that will build your academic knowledge and skills in a culturally safe space; or
    • completion of a lower qualification that builds your skills and confidence and provides maximum credit into a bachelor degree, masters degree or higher, saving you time and money.