Our Research

mother and daughter in garden

Our research is undertaken by a diverse multidisciplinary team.

Researchers bring different disciplinary understandings to the Centre from sociology, social policy, education, social work, community welfare, education, cultural studies, anthropology, law, psychology and health.

Our research covers a wide range of issues that impact on children and young people's mental health and wellbeing. A distinctive feature of this research is the ways in which we involve children and young people, not only as research participants but in co-designing research and advising on each phase of our projects. We have a particular interest in knowledge translation and the ways in which our research can be understood and utilised by those seeking to change and improve policy and practice.

Professor Anne Graham

“We focus on ensuring our research has measurable social as well as academic impact.”

Recently completed projects

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Relationships and Recognition

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The Messi Project

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Learning Catalysts: Improving Educational Outcomes for Disadvantaged Children

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Our Home Holiday Town: A participatory youth social theatre research on the impacts of tourism

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Meditation in Schools

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