KODY: Researching an all-of-family program in family violence and substance misuse


Project overview

(ARC Linkage: LP200200847 led by Professor Cathy Humphreys, The University of Melbourne)

Alcohol and other drug (AOD) use increase the likelihood and severity of domestic and family violence (DFV). Children comprise approximately 50% of victim/survivors of DFV. While some children display remarkable resilience, others are profoundly affected. The KODY program (Kids First and Odyssey House) examines an innovative, all-of-family approach to DFV and AOD. The research will integrate the voices of children into the Caring Dads program, which will provide a model for other men’s behaviour change programs.

Research Design

This research is based on a quasi-experimental design. Summative evaluation will compare the outcomes with other Caring Dads programs. Formative evaluation will be used to examine change in the program during delivery. As KODY is examining an innovation in practice, the development approach to evaluation will underpin the research as a whole.

What is happening now?

Children and their mothers are being recruited for the study.

Why is the research important?

This research aims to ensure that the needs of children whose fathers are participating in the Caring Dads are recognised and their voices included in the program.

Research Team

Menka Tsantefski, Cathy Humphreys, Margaret Kertesz, Katrina Scott, Anne-Marie Lazlett & Larissa Fogden

Academic Publications to Date

Kertesz, M., Humphreys, C., Fogden, L., Scott, K., Laslett, A.M., & Tsantefski, M. (2022). KODY, an all-of-family response to co-occurring substance use and domestic violence: protocol for a quasi-experimental intervention trial. BMC Public Health, 22(291).