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International fee and unit withdrawal information

International tuition fees

For details on what fees are applicable to commencing international students please refer to International courses and fees page. For continuing, commencing and cross-institutional international student fees see:

Unit withdrawal impacts

Withdrawing from a unit/s may have a serious impact for on your academic record and financial liability. As a student, it is your responsibility to know when your census date is and the consequences of withdrawing from a unit. To find out what your census date is log into My Enrolment and select ‘Current Enrolment’. Please note: An international student who withdraws from all units is considered withdrawn from their course. Different refund rules are applicable to these cases. International students who intend to withdraw from their course should contact SCU International.

The following table shows the financial consequences of withdrawing from a unit.

Date of Unit Withdrawal Financial Impact
On or before the last day of Week 2 for the relevant teaching period 100% refund for the withdrawn unit
After the last day of Week 2 and on or before Census Date for the relevant teaching period 50% refund for the withdrawn unit
After the Census Date for the relevant teaching period Full financial liability for the withdrawn unit


The following table shows the academic consequence of withdrawing from a unit

Date of Unit Withdrawal Academic Impact
On or before the Census Date No record of the withdrawn unit on Academic Transcript
After Census Date A grade of Withdrawn Fail will be recorded on your Academic Transcript. A grade of Withdrawn Fail affects your grade point average

See Teaching Calendar / Key dates or Census dates.

Refund rules

All international students are covered by a single refund rule.

For the refund rules for international students, please see Part B — Standard Refunds for International Onshore Students in the Refunds and Remissions Procedure policy.

All international students who wish to request a refund of tuition fees must contact SCU International.

A refund of upfront fees paid directly to Southern Cross University is available upon approval and written request.

Administrative charges

There are a number of other administrative fees that students may be required to pay at some time during their university life. These may include such things as penalty charges for late re-enrolment, costs associated with graduation etc.

For information on administrative charges, please visit Rules — Fees, Charges and Sanctions, Part E — Administrative Charges.

Study Abroad students should contact SCU International for any administrative fees associated with their study.

International tuition deposit payment

International students will need to make their initial deposit payment via our Payment Portal by selecting the Pay an International Student Enrolment Deposit option (new students only).

International Payment Methods may include the following*

* Options and currencies vary depending on home country for payment.