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Southern Cross University's fleet vehicles are managed by Property Services

For further information about how these vehicles are managed and maintained, please reference the SCU Motor Vehicle Policy and the SCU Driving Safety Policy.

University Vehicle Support: propertyservices@scu.edu.au

Fleet Services: www.fleetcare.com.au or 134 333

If you are wanting to book a SCU Pool Vehicle, please submit a booking form and review our FAQs documentation.


Pool Vehicle Booking

To book a SCU pool vehicle for authorised travel in connection with official university business, research or teaching purposes, please submit a 'pool vehicle booking request form'. Do not contact Hertz directly for any bookings.

Need Help? Please refer to our Pool Vehicle Booking Form_FAQs.

Pool Vehicle Booking Costs

Vehicle Type 1/2  Day (<4 hours) Full Day (>4 hours)
Sedan and Station Wagon $32.50 $65.00
Small Bus $40.00 $80.00

Property Services is responsible for the purchasing of all University Fleet Vehicles. University procurement processes apply, as does the University Financial Delegations of Authority.

All staff hiring or operating vehicles in connection with their work must read and comply with the Motor Vehicle Policy

The University gives permission for provisional licenced drivers to use University vehicles under the current insurance provisions. Provisional drivers must display 'P-plates' and drive according to state-based legal requirements. Drivers with learner permits are not allowed to drive University vehicles.

Use of mobile phones while driving is not permitted and can attract a significant fine if caught. Drivers should also be aware that insurers may not accept your claim if you are found to have been demonstrating negligence at the time of an accident.

Driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs is not permitted under any circumstance. The University will commence disciplinary action against any person who is found to be driving under the influence of either alcohol or drugs.

Responsibility for vehicle servicing, tyre, and windscreen replacements is outlined in the table below and must be undertaken by a preferred service provider. To check if a supplier is supported, go to the following website and follow the prompts - https://www.fleetcare.com.au/finder

When scheduling repairs or maintenance, you must quote the registration number of the vehicle and advise that it is a 'Fleetcare Vehicle'.  All invoices and costs associated with maintenance and repairs must be sent to Fleetcare for payment processing. Corporate cards are not an approved method of payment.

Suppliers and/or drivers can obtain authorisation or assistance by calling Fleetcare on 134 333. Support is available to SCU drivers 24/7.

Vehicle Type Responsibility
Pool Vehicles (Lismore and Gold Coast) Property Services
Pool Vehicles (CHEC) Student Administration
Salary Packaged Vehicle Nominated Driver
Operational Vehicle Relevant Work Unit

It is the user's responsibility to ensure the vehicle/s is returned to campus in a clean and tidy manner. Should a vehicle be returned in a less than favourable condition, the driver's cost centre will be responsible for any additional cleaning costs.

Each vehicle is supplied with three types of fuel cards; one from Caltex, Shell and BP.

At first use, drivers will be asked to enter a pin that will remain for the life of the card. Drivers must be informed of the fuel type for each vehicle and the purchasing authorisation applicable to each card.

Each time a vehicle is refuelled, you will be prompted at payment to enter the vehicle's odometer number - this must be accurate.

If you experience issues with a fuel card/s, please proceed with arranging payment by an alternate means (Corporate Credit Card) or alternatively retain a copy of the receipt and claim the expense via CONCUR. 

Please keep the Fuel Card in a safe place. If the fuel card is lost or stolen, contact Fleetcare on 134 333 to cancel the card and notify Property Services. If the card is not reported as being lost or stolen, the Work Unit/Faculty will be liable for costs charged to the card.

Contact Property Services (propertyservices@scu.edu.au) for advice regarding the replacement of existing fuel card/s or resetting a pin number.

Fleetcare provides a 24/7 breakdown/roadside assistance service that covers things such as keys locked in the vehicle, tyres that need changing, breakdowns, and other problems that may arise.

If you need roadside assistance, please contact Fleetcare on 134 333 and quote your registration number.

All fines and traffic infringements for University vehicles are managed through Property Services.  The Police or Councils will forward fines/infringements to Property Services and they will contact the nominated driver or work unit to confirm the licence details. The infringement notice will then be directed to the person that incurred the infringement for payment or dispute.

Details of the procedures to be followed in the event of an accident are contained within each University vehicle. As soon as practicable, the driver MUST:

  • Advise Property Services and Fleetcare that an accident has occurred.
  • Lodge an incident report using the University's Riskware system.

The motor vehicle insurance policy is subject to various exclusions, including:

  • Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Driving without a licence
  • Vehicles in an unsafe or unroadworthy condition
  • Vehicles used for hire or reward
  • Carrying more passengers or a heavier load than that of which the vehicle was constructed

An excess, payable by the relevant work unit, applies to all claims.

For further information, please email insurance@scu.edu.au or telephone (02) 6620 3320.