WHS inductions

Under the Work Health and Safety Act 2011, we all have responsibilities where workplace health and safety (WHS) is concerned. As part of our duty of care to provide a safe workplace, all employees, contractors, consultants, visitors and work experience students are provided with information about WHS at Southern Cross University (SCU) and their specific WHS responsibilities as part of their initial induction or training. Details are:


As part of the Corporate induction, employees are informed about:

  • the WHS consultation process at SCU;
  • their WHS responsibilities;
  • safety practices;
  • emergency evacuation procedures and training (where required):
  • gold coast campus emergency evacuation training;
  • wellbeing initiatives; and
  • resources available.

Work Unit specific inductions and orientations, inform new employees about their work unit's specific WHS issues, including understanding the emergency evacuation procedures and identifying their emergency evacuation wardens, health and safety representatives and first aid officers.

Corporate Induction


Contractors are required to complete the online Contractor SCU Induction before commencing work. Facilities Management and Services will email contractors their login, password and instructions for completing the online induction. Each contractor must provide their Certificate of Completion from the induction to Security or Facilities Management and Services before commencing work onsite.

A site specific (local) induction addressing local hazards is undertaken before they commence work.

A Project Officer is nominated for every project and they will act as a point of contact for contractors and monitor their activities. Contractors are required to provide the Project Officer with suitable risk assessments / safe work method statements for the work they are required to complete.

Consultants, volunteers, visitors and work experience students

SCU's online Introductory Workplace Health and Safety Training must be completed by all consultants, volunteers, visitors and work experience students.

Supervisors are required to arrange the training when the consultant, visitor or work experience student arrives and obtain their signed Certificate of Completion. Certificates are to be held within the work unit.

The online training can be accessed using the link below and the following logon details:

Username: whs

Introductory WHS Training

Further information

Workplace Health & Safety Team
HR Services
Lismore Campus
T: +61 2 6620 3651 or +61 2 6626 9143
E: whs@scu.edu.au