Professional Learning for the Southern Cross Model

This is a curated selection of recordings, articles, and modules designed to help academics design and build learning sites, interactive modules, and assessments for the Southern Cross Model.

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Whats New SC Model

What's New

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How do I get started?

The ISCM Blackboard site

The Introducing the Southern Cross Model (ISCM) Blackboard site is an essential resource for learning about the Southern Cross Model, developing learning and assessment materials, and adopting teaching and learning strategies to engage students in active learning.

Practical Guide to the Southern Cross Model

The Practical Guide has been developed to support academics in the design and development of units under the Southern Cross Model. Academics are strongly encouraged to review, reflect and adopt the resources and templates relevant to their role.

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The following professional learning support options are available to all academic staff.

  • For specific training or teaching and learning support around the Southern Cross Model please contact the Centre for Teaching and Learning via email: [email protected]. Read more below
  • Friday Free-for-All
 Live support at 12pm (NSW time) every Friday via Collaborate Ultra. These weekly online sessions focus on troubleshooting technical issues and general technology support and training-related questions.
  • Speak with your Associate Dean (Education) about the support available for unit transition to the Southern Cross Model.
  • CTL Workshops
    Join workshops run by the Centre for Teaching and Learning.
Build Blackboard SC Model

Building Blackboard unit modules

Learning modules in Blackboard unit sites are formatted using a content styler template. There are two versions of the content styler available; a legacy styler used in units developed prior to 2023, and the Content Styler version 2 which should be used for all new units.

Academics are strongly encouraged to review the Practical Guide on Unit Writing: Learning Plans before building learning modules in a Blackboard unit site.

Units developed in the older styler can be transitioned to the new styler by contacting [email protected].

Interactivity in SC Model

Digital tools that support interactivity

The following resources cover university supported tools that engage students in active learning. The Centre of Teaching and Learning can support you in the use of these tools for teaching. Send a request to [email protected] for support

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Guidance around Assessment

The following resources cover Assessment design and delivery under the Southern Cross Model.

Browse the CTL workshops, support and resources

CTL workshops.

View the monthly list of CTL workshops and access past workshop recordings on CTL Workshops and Events pages.

View the monthly list of CTL workshops
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Friday Free-for-all

Join an online session, every Friday at 12 noon (AEST), just drop-in!

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GenAI in Learning and Teaching

This resource provides SCU academics with recommendations for using Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI) in learning, teaching and assessment within the context of the University’s policies, procedures and guidelines.

GenAI in Learning and Teaching
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Past workshop recordings from 2023 

Teaching Technologies Workshop recordings

The 2023 Teaching Technologies recordings are still available.

View 2023 Teaching Technologies recordings
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2023 SoLT Symposium abstracts and recordings

The 2023 Theme was: Impactful teaching: Revolutionary learning

View 2023 SoLT abstracts and recordings
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Talking Teaching recordings

2023 recordings are still available

View Talking Teaching webinar recordings
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