Recordings from 2020 to 2023

Recordings by CTL from a past series of online webinars

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Recordings from 2020 to 2023 Talking Teaching webinars

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For unlocking the gate: Improvements in curriculum - increased student success

Dr Lily Guo, Dr Ken Wojcikowski, Ashley Filipe, Associate Prof Nicci Whiting, Prof Fiona Naumann

Colleagues from the Faculty of Health and Centre for Teaching and Learning share the changes made to increase student satisfaction and improvements in success in a historically poor success rate unit.

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Emerging Practices for Generative Artificial Intelligence: SCU policy guidelines and practice

Dot Armstrong (PVC Academic Quality), Dr Jenelle Benson (Centre for Teaching and Learning), Dr Aspa Baroutsis (Education), and A/Professor Mandy Shircore (Law).

Our presenters and panel members from across SCU discussed the new AI Guidelines and AI breaches and talked about how they are facilitating students using GenAI in class and assessments. Details available from MS Teams (Login required).

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Ideal education: How can ‘Your Ideal Classroom’ encourage student learning?

Our European guest speakers, Ingrid Ruijter and Esther Groenendaal from Breda University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands shared their teaching practice. They shared their experiences and insights surrounding teaching innovation, engaging students, and the teaching approach called Your Ideal Classroom (YIC) used to build online and face-to-face learning communities. Details available from MS Teams (Login required).

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2022 Symposium - Continuing the Scholarship of Learning and Teaching Conversations: Accessibility in the Southern Cross Model

Shelley Odewahn from Student Care and Support and Toni Ledgerwood from Centre for Teaching and Learning

No student left behind. Watch the webinar as Toni and Shelley share what you can do now to make learning more accessible for your students - many tools and techniques discussed. Example of Closed Captioning from November 2022 Talking Teaching webinar - Accessibility (login required).

Access to resources (some require login):

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Keeping Students Engaged Panel: Strategies that Work

Dr Sharen Nisbet Lecturer from the Faculty of Business, Law and Arts, with Jubilee Smith Associate Lecturer from the Faculty of Education, with Kylie Day Indigenous Research Academic from Gnibi College of Indigenous Australian People, and Dr Hanabeth Luke Senior Lecturer from the Faculty of Science and Engineering.

Colleagues Sharen, Kylie, Jubilee, and Hanabeth shared successful strategies and techniques to keep students engaged with Dr Mieke Witsel. The panel members shared their expertise on what works for student engagement, including looking retrospectively throughout our time with COVID-19 and the recent floods.

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Good practice marking techniques: Calibration and marking strategies

Dr Mieke Witsel, Senior Lecturer, Centre for Teaching and Learning and Dima Nasrawi, Lecturer, Faculty of Health

This webinar focused on the sharing of good marking practices to manage our marking and feedback. Mieke discussed the academic calibration process and Dima shared the ‘how to’ of using marking sheets, moderation, and QuickMarks. Participants shared their marking and feedback experiences using interactive whiteboards.

Access the Good Practice Marking techniques - Calibration and marking strategies which include many resources throughout. 

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Making marking and feedback manageable: Principles and processes

Associate Professor Suzi Syme, Associate Dean (Education), SCU College

This webinar focused on how we can efficiently manage our marking and provide quality feedback to students. Suzi shared strategies that are working in the SC Model to help manage the marking and feedback process more efficiently to enhance student outcomes. Participants talked through their assessments with peers and applied the SCU College template to their practice.

Access the Making Marking and Feedback manageable PDF which includes many resources throughout. 

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Scholarship in Action!

Professor Thomas Roche, Pro Vice Chancellor (Academic Quality) and SCU College, Dr Johanna Nieuwoudt, SCU College, and Dr Mieke Witsel, Centre for Teaching and Learning

The conversations are continuing after the Symposium with our final webinar for 2021 focusing on pathways to disseminate your scholarship of learning and teaching (SoLT). Thomas and Johanna shared how to publish your work using the Social Science Research Network (SSRN). Mieke provided an update on the “Heart-centred teaching – enabling a pedagogy of kindness” Symposium presentation with Dr Airdre Grant. Mieke and Airdre are in the process of pitching a proposal for an edited book containing a collection of chapters to Cambridge and Routledge. Please contact Mieke if you are interested in contributing.

Access the Scholarship in Action presentation PDF. Links for the Social Science Research Network (SSRN) and the Pedagogy of Kindness survey are available in The Greenhouse Talking Teaching.

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Highlights from the Symposium

Ellie Magee-Jessup, Dr Liz Goode, Dr Mieke Witsel, and Tina van Eyk – Centre for Teaching and Learning, and the Academic Portfolio Office

The conversations continued after the Symposium. Ellie shared ‘how to’ details about the branching scenarios and Liz shared and encouraged colleagues to contribute to the SC Model Community of Practice VoiceThread to ask a sticky question or to contribute to a post. The ‘how to’ details are provided in MS Teams The Greenhouse SoLT Symposium.

Access the Highlights from the Symposium presentation PDF. At the end of the presentation, you will find some of the details for the 8 December webinar on Scholarship in Action.

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Online Simulations: Scaffolding learning experiences with authentic assessment

Dr Paul Whitelaw from the Office of the PVC (Academic Innovation) - Hotel School Partnership

How can we use online simulations to scaffold learning experiences and to create authentic assessments? Paul shares his experience about how online simulations can enhance the Southern Cross Model by using a “PlayerOne” approach to drive deeper student engagement and how “chasing the McGuffin” can drive authentic assessment.

Access the Online Simulations presentation PDF. At the end of the presentation, Paul shares further ideas and resources for an online simulation Community of Practice.

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Assessing student learning and capabilities without an exam - what can we do instead?

Prof Fiona Naumann from the Faculty of Health and Dr Geoff Lamberton from the Faculty of Business, Law and Arts share their alternative assessment strategies and techniques from a whole-of-course and unit perspective. Assessment principles with a focus on authentic assessment, scaffolding learning and assessment opportunities, using oral Vivas, providing timely feedback, transforming assessment online, and tips for marking efficiently.

Access the Assessing student learning and capabilities without an exam presentation PDF.

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Understanding and designing for cognitive load: How to enhance student success

Associate Professor Raina Mason who has been practicing and researching in the field of cognitive load theory for 14 years shares practical ideas and strategies to assist your teaching to facilitate student learning.

The information, techniques, and images from this webinar presentation are now a professional learning resource: Understanding Cognitive Load Theory.

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Making things easier: Strategies for managing large cohorts

Elicia Kunst from the Faculty of Health, and Dr Anne Bellert and Dr Chris Zehntner from the Faculty of Education share their strategies for interacting with and teaching (large) cohorts of students - ways to enhance student outcomes and improve the quality of learning whilst being time-efficient.

Access the Strategies for managing large cohorts slide presentation PDF.

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The New Southern Cross Model: Lived Experiences of Teachers and Students

Dr Suzi Syme and Dr Sue Muloin with students Jasper and Stephanie share their Southern Cross Model experiences including strategies for early engagement and motivation. Dr Liz Goode shares summary details of key comments from student focus groups.

Access the Lived experiences new SC Model presentation PDF.

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Student voices: What really matters?

Students Noel, Liwen, Juana, Danielle, and Margaux share their experiences as students with Dr Mieke Witsel from the Centre for Teaching and Learning.

Access the Talking Teaching webinar panel (includes question details and answers with recording times).

For analysis of student surveys, focus groups, and interview research conducted by colleagues from the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Students) portfolio.

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Co-designing an engaging learning environment

Associate Professor Adele Wessell, Faculty of Business, Law and Arts and Chris King, Centre for Teaching and Learning.

Access Co-designing an engaging learning environment PDF

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Creating a discipline-based teaching team with a whole-of-course approach

Dr Raina Mason, SCU

Building A Discipline Team PowerPoint presentation

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Academic integrity is everyone’s business: Sharing and championing effective practices

Dr Suzi Syme, Dr Liz Goode and Dr Michael Brickhill, SCU College

Access the Empowering students with Academic Integrity PowerPoint presentation.

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Embedding employability into curriculum

Dr Michael Whelan, School of Environment, Science and Engineering

Access the Story Map presentation.

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Teaching online tutorials: an adaptive model to encourage student engagement

Emma Babbage, School of Law and Justice

Download slide presentation:Teaching online tutorials: PowerPoint files

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Teaching in the online space – Part 2

Dr Lisa Jacka, School of Education and Steve Rowe, School of Business and Tourism

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Flexible online learning design and Covid-19

Dr Lisa Jacka, School of Education

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Online Student Engagement: Examples of good practice from the UK’s Open University 

Dr Pat Gillett, School of Business and Tourism

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