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The Graduate Certificate in Project Management is designed for professionals across all sectors who wish to develop their skills in project management. Students develop an understanding of the principles behind project management, and of time, change, risk and procurement issues, exploring common obstacles and developing a problem-solving attitude that can be applied to their future management endeavours.

This course is also a pathway to further postgraduate study. Graduates receive up to four units of credit towards the Master of Project Management.

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AIPM Endorsed course

DurationLocationStudy Period

8mths P

SCU Online1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
DurationLocationStudy Period


SCU Online1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Core units include project management principles; quality control and risk; planning and contract management.

Course Learning Outcomes express learning achievement in terms of what a student should know, understand and be able to do on completion of a course. These outcomes are aligned with the graduate attributes.

Graduate AttributeCourse Learning Outcome
Intellectual rigour

Demonstrate cognitive, technical and creative skills to investigate, analyse and synthesise complex information, problems, concepts and theories to different bodies of knowledge or practice as it applies to the discipline of project management


Apply knowledge and skills pertaining to project management with initiative and creativity with new challenges or in new situations

Ethical practice

Apply sustainability principles to project management cases and professional situations

Demonstrate highly developed judgement and use of ethical frameworks when planning, managing and undertaking projects in scholarly, research, social and professional forums

Knowledge of a discipline

Demonstrate an integrated understanding of project management principles and methods, with the ability to conceptualise and apply these principles and methods in professional contexts

Lifelong learning

Locate, evaluate, manage and use information in order to create new knowledge and advance methods in the field of project management

Reflect on, assess and regulate learning, research and performance pertaining to project management, with personal autonomy and accountability

Communication and social skills

Work collaboratively with individuals and teams to achieve research outcomes that pertain to the management of projects

Communicate arguments, theory, complex knowledge and ideas in relation to the field of project management within an investigation of originality to specialist and non-specialist audiences

Cultural competence

Demonstrate cultural competence in local, Australia-wide and global settings, specifically as they apply to project management in practice

Demonstrate an understanding of Indigenous Australian contemporary realities and protocols, specifically as they apply to project management in practice (such as in the mining, health, construction and social services sectors).

Units generally employ a variety of assessment methods. Depending on the unit, methods may include reports, case studies or verbal presentations, among others.

Our flexible course fits around you. It’s designed to meet the demands of busy, mobile people – people who travel frequently, work abroad, or juggle multiple work, life and family commitments. You can enter at one of six points throughout the year, and organise your study program to take advantage of the peaks and troughs in your own life.

We employ clever, intuitive and interactive learning software that enables you to collaborate with peers and lecturers. Our multi-modal approach delivers content as video, audio, hands-on, practical exercises, and other media to suit all kinds of learners. Discuss and debate ideas with your peers and lecturer in dedicated forums and with other networking technology.

Each unit has its own website to keep you focused. Every week, you'll find activities, readings and case studies laid out with step-by-step instructions. As the weeks progress and your knowledge deepens, you'll tackle increasingly sophisticated concepts, and employ critical analysis.

Graduates will have enhanced employment opportunities in entry-level project management roles across a range of industries and sectors.

This is also a pathway course to further postgraduate study. Graduates receive up to four units of credit towards the Master of Project Management, an industry-standard degree for professionals in any industry.

This course is endorsed by the Australian Institute of Project Management (AIPM). Students who have completed an AIPM-endorsed course are eligible to apply for a certificate as a Certified Practicing Project Practitioner (CPPP) under AIPM's RegPM program. To qualify for CPPP, students must apply for Associate Membership with a copy of their qualification.

For more information on becoming an AIPM RegPM or to qualify as a CPPP, download the AIPM Membership (PDF) and download the CPPP and AIPM Endorsed Course Information (PDF).


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