Domestic students fee information

Within the Domestic Fee group you may fall into one of two sub categories.

Commonwealth-Supported Students

Commonwealth supported students are eligible to receive financial subsidy for their study from the Australian Government. The vast majority of students who pay Commonwealth-Supported fees are eligible domestic students who are studying:

  • a diploma (that is not accredited as a vocational education and training (VET) award);
  • an advanced diploma (that is not accredited as a VET award);
  • an associate degree;
  • a bachelor degree; or
  • an honours program.

Some postgraduate courses may be Commonwealth Supported. Please check our Course Options.

The Australian Government contributes substantially to the cost of a Commonwealth-supported student’s education. The remaining fee amount is called the Student Contribution Amount (SCA). This is the amount for which you will be liable. You are charged the SCA for every unit in which you are enrolled as a Commonwealth supported student. The fee is charged upon enrolment in the unit of study and incurred on census date.

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In 2016, Session 3 and Study Period 5 period are the last teaching periods for which you will be able pay your fees upfront and receive the 10% HECS-HELP discount.

What's the discount? If you're an eligible student who is enrolled in a subsidised Commonwealth supported place, and you make an upfront student contribution payment of $500 or more directly to your uni, you will get the 10% discount. Your payments need to be made to your uni by the census date of each unit.

From 1 January 2017, this discount will no longer exist. Until then, you can still get the HECS-HELP discount for units that have a census date on or before 31 December 2016 — so get in early if you want to get the discount! For more information about upfront payments and the HECS-HELP discount, phone the Client Service team (ph 1800 005 687 or email or visit the Study Assist website.

Fee Paying Students (or Non Commonwealth-Supported Students)

A fee-paying student (or a non Commonwealth-supported student) includes any domestic student who is paying the full (unsubsidised) tuition fee for a unit of study. This includes all students undertaking a single unit of study, most postgraduate students and a small handful of undergraduate students. To check whether your course is fee paying or Commonwealth-Supported visit our Course Options.

A postgraduate student is someone studying a:

  • Graduate Certificate;
  • Graduate Diploma;
  • Masters degree; or
  • Doctoral degree.

A student can enrol in a single unit of study for personal interest or professional development. The unit/s of study undertaken does not contribute to a course of study and no award will be conferred upon completion. Study for single units may be undertaken in any study period (subject to availability) including Session 3.

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Visit the Study Assist website for information on assistance available to fee-paying students (i.e. FEE-HELP).

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