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Your previous study, occupation, professional development and social interests may help to reduce the number of units you need to study to complete your degree. 

Advanced Standing Search and Calculator

Learning experiences in some Australian and overseas qualifications and units (subjects) have been evaluated to create credit precedents. if your prior learning is the same as a published precedent, it may help to determine the amount of credit transfer to be awarded, when you become a Southern Cross University student.

The digital Advanced Standing Search and Calculator is currently unavailable due to system maintenance. In the meantime, to identify how much credit transfer may be awarded into Southern Cross courses or units, download and search the precedents in either of the these pdf's:

Credit Transfer into Southern Cross Courses for International Students File Type - PDF Credit Transfer into Southern Cross Units File Type - PDF
Click the relevant link to download. Open the document. Select 'Cmd+F' for Mac or 'Ctrl+F' for Windows to reveal the search window. Enter the search criteria (course/occupation/unit name or code) in the window and select 'Enter'.

The pdf's are a guide of possible credit transfer amounts that may be granted, so you can plan your studies to eliminate duplication of learning and determine the sequence of units you will study (your study plan). The information is subject to change and does not guarantee entry (Admission) or credit transfer (Advanced Standing) into your chosen course.

Cant find what your looking for?

If your search is unsuccessful and you believe your prior learning is similar to one or more units within your Southern Cross course, you should still have your prior learning assessed by applying for Advanced Standing when you apply for admission into your course.

A formal determination of credit transfer amounts will occur once an application and supporting documents are submitted.

Standard credit transfer amounts for discipline related learning

Before you apply for Advanced Standing, you should find out if there is a limit to the amount of credit transfer you can receive. To know more about our standard approach to credit transfer amounts and allowable variations for recognising prior learning via Advanced Standing, view standard credit transfer amounts at Southern Cross University.

What occurs next?

Please bring your original supporting documents to Australia as they may need to be verified.

For more information please view Recognition of Prior Learning (Advanced Standing).

Still have questions? please visit SCU International or contact us