Studying Masters at Southern Cross University

Master of Engineering Management, Master of Business Administration

For Indian student Sebi, Master of Engineering Management, Master of Business Administration builds on his existing skills as an engineer and makes him think beyond the basic management to how well a company can manage from an engineering perspective through sustainability, asset management and stakeholder engagement.

Hi, I’m Sebi, I am from the southern part of India. I have 5 years of experience in mechanical engineering in the field of aero-engines and turbo charges. My projects on that engineering included monitoring the compliance of the project and how much the money is used over the budget.

I chose the MEM MBA programs because if an engineer wanted to enter management role, it is not just be basic management understanding but it also has to be an understanding of how well you can manage from an engineering perspective. It has sustainability, asset management. Stakeholder engagement. With my experience I understood that these are the points that are more relevant than compared to a business management perspective.

I also work at the Lismore campus of SCU where there is great infrastructure, good lab facilities, good testing facilities, and a home-grown degasification unit. My industry research is to be on from the plastics to fuel which is the next step in the degasification process where plastics is being heated and turned into fuel. With this project I could see a scope and potential of eliminating plastic waste and turning all the plastic wastes into fuel and you can even use the capital which get from the fuel for future projects for the community.

The Southern Cross University Gold Coast campus is in a very beautiful location. You can just walk to the beach when you are so tired. And (the) Gold Coast is a great place to stay because it is very active. It is a place where you can really live and enjoy your studies. So the university has given me an opportunity to work more closely with the people around in the industry as an industry research and also gain experience which is hands on not just theoretical.

I am very sure that with the course and my experience I can reach the top level management, which is one of my career aspirations in the near future.