Studying accounting at Southern Cross University (Gold Coast) as an Indian student.

Ishita is a student from Mumbai, India who is studying a Master of Professional Accounting at the Southern Cross University Gold Coast campus. Recently she celebrated the Ganesh Festival with her friends in her apartment at the Gold Coast and loved that she could keep close to her traditions in Australia. Studying in Australia has been a wonderful experience for Ishita.


Being able to do the whole thing, having Lord Ganesha and celebrate him in the right way in the right traditions, it makes you feel proud and it makes you feel more rooted and grounded to the culture that you come from.

The current place that I live, it’s easier and accessible to go the Indian grocery as well as the farmer’s markets to get cheap food.

Studying internationally gives you the opportunity to meet a lot of international students and to learn about their culture and their traditions. That experience in itself is very good because I have a lot of Filipino friends and a lot of Spanish friends, which in fact I can speak a bit ‘como estas’, yeah ‘como estas’, ‘how are you’?

I have also been International Ambassador for Southern Cross University and it’s more like a buddy-up program, where you become friends with the new ones and tell them, you just guide them through. I did this because when I was new at this University I saw other students helping me out and you are very new and you don’t know how the course is going to treat you and I reckon it’s the best place to come I feel. Coming to university makes me happy.

The education system in India is not assessment orientated. It’s just exams so for me it was very necessary to understand what am I supposed to do in an assignment. They are structured in a way that bit by bit your getting prepared for the last exam, the final exams so that you don’t have study everything just at the end.

So the system is different but it is good and it is quite adaptable. So we have a service called Academic Skills where if you are struggling with an assignment you can just book an appointment and even the toughest of the units that we had I reckon even the professors make it easy for you. Because if you are not comfortable asking questions during the class you can always ask the question after the class and they are always happy to answer you.

The people that you meet over here, it gives you a perspective for life that makes you believe that you can definitely make a mark in the world. It’s just amazing. I love every bit of the decision that me and my husband made to come to Australia and we are living it.


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