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Study Abroad

Choose from our full range of subjects (units or classes) available, many of which include practical field work. The popular subject areas include:

  • Business, management and marketing
  • Cultural studies
  • Tourism and event management
  • Creative arts
  • Environmental science
  • Indigenous studies

Students will be required to choose a minimum of three units and a maximum of four units per session. Check with your home institution regarding credit transfer from Southern Cross University.

Study Abroad Program 


 CRICOS: 019864G Tuition Fee
3 undergraduate units $7,000
4 undergraduate units $9,200
4 undergraduate units (includes Explore Australia trip) $9,900
3 undergraduate units (includes Explore Australia trip) $7,700


2022 Key Dates

Gold Coast Session 3: 1 November
SessionTermsTeaching Period Start DatesCampus Location
Session 1 Term 1 7 March Gold Coast, Lismore
  Term 2 2 May Gold Coast, Lismore
Session 2 Term 3 4 July Gold Coast, Lismore
  Term 4 29 August Gold Coast, Lismore
Session 3 Term 5 31 October Gold Coast
  Summer Term 10 January Gold Coast

Career Start

Career Start (Study Abroad) is a program that includes ten weeks of English Language Proficiency program plus four (4) units of academic study for students with English language IELTS of 5.0. Students complete the ten weeks of English language study prior to starting the teaching session of 15 weeks. The Nursing and Allied Health stream requires and IELTS of 6.0. Additional English is also available for students for students with IELTS 4.5. Tuition fee for 2021/2022: $13,340.

GOLD COAST StreamsStart
Arts 22 November 2021
Business 22 November 2021, 28 March 2022, 1 August 2022
Tourism and Hospitality 22 November 2021, 28 March 2022, 1 August 2022
Science 22 November 2021
LISMORE Streams Start
Arts 22 November 2021, 28 March 2022
Business 22 November 2021, 28 March 2022
Tourism and Hospitality 22 November 2021, 28 March 2022
Science 22 November 2021



Southern Cross University offers exchange opportunities to students from our Partner Institutions.

Check with your home institution and request approval to take part in the exchange program at Southern Cross University.

If you would like more information visit our contacts to choose the right option for you.

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