Explore Australia

A big part of your Study Abroad experience is getting out and exploring all that Australia has to offer. A range of trips are organized by SCU from week long camping adventure in the Australian outback to surfing lessons at our beautiful local beaches. The trips are designed to help make the most or your time in Australia and build relationships with your class mates from around the world.

Visiting the Outback

Outback Australia

Ayers Rock, more commonly known as Uluru, is a destination on many travellers' "to-see" list. International students at Southern Cross University are offered the opportunity to explore the spiritual and physical significance of one of the world's great natural wonders for a week long adventure. During session 1, 15 students visited the brilliant views of this landform. Uluru and Kata Tjuta withhold cultural significance for the original landowners, the indigenous Anangu group. Sunrise and sunset are spectacular as the sun transforms the colours and appearance of the landforms. Transportation and accommodation is arranged by SCU International.

"As a part of my 'Down Under' experience I was lucky to attend the Outback trip in the midterm break. We spent 5 nights sleeping in a swag under the stars, creating an authentic Australian experience. We saw Uluru and Kata Tjuta National Park plus beautiful and stunning places like King's Canyon and the West McDonnell Ranges. It was my first camping experience ever and I would do it again, although I have to admit that after a few adventurous days, a dust free environment was a welcome luxury.

Everything was worth it." Birthe Hohm - Germany

Fraser Island

Fraser Island

"If there was ever a trip I would suggest to other study abroad students, it would be to go on the Fraser Island Trip. I was nervous to go: I didn't know most of the other students signed up, and was doubting how much fun I could have without a bathroom or any electricity for 5 days. I thought about the situation - I would be deserted on a gigantic island with no contact with the other world, 2 tour guides warning us of dingoes, and toilets made of sand holes. Hmmmmm.

We left Orion College and drove to downtown Noosa, where many tourists walked the beach, went to Happy Hour, ate at outdoor restaurants, and jogged down the footpath. Visiting this town was definitely a bonus on our Fraser trip. After the night in Noosa, we were up at sunrise to drive the 4WD to the ferry landing. It was such a great shock to see how we could get to the beautiful island. Several cars drove onto what would appear as a huge boat, and parked as we glided along the ocean to the sand island. The other students and I were like kids at Christmas just seeing the crystal waters and white sand of Fraser. It really is a gorgeous sight to see.

We began driving on the sand highway after getting off the ferry; something so foreign and exciting for me. A sand highway?? I didn't event know such a thing existed. Our tour guide explained to us the rules of the sand highway, and how the tide determines the fate as far as driving along the highway went. Everything on our trip would be timed around the rhythm of the water. It was such a slow down from life in America. I love it.

Never have I woken up to so many mornings in a row to see the sunrise. It was the most beautiful ones I have ever seen, the way the sun reflected on the smooth waters and completely relaxed every stress in me. Other students and I walked the beach for hours as we had downtime around sunrise and sunset. I felt absolutely rejuvenated letting the water hit my feet, not worrying about school, any technology or form of social media. Never have I been to a more relaxing destination than Fraser Island.

Just looking back at the photos sparks joy in me." Emily Wolter - USA