Life @ SCU


Our campuses are located in some of Australia most popular regions, with famous coastlines, ancient rainforests and wonderful communities all within your reach.

Explore Australia Trip

Discover Australia and make lifelong friends with our range of trips, tours and activities offered throughout your study including:

  • Camping and exploring Central Australia.
  • Four-wheel drive tour of Fraser Island.
  • Surfing lesson at Byron Bay.
  • Hiking in World Heritage Rainforests
  • Day trips to Gold Coast amusement parks.
  • Attending local festivals.

Explore Australia activities change each session depending on the season and student interest. Some students will have the excursions included in their Study Abroad package.

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Get involved

SCU offers a wide range of Sporting, recreational and cultural activities for students. Our dedicated UniLife team are here to make your SCU experience unforgettable. Find out more on SCU UnliLife.

Engaging with the community

Have a true Australian experience by discovering the joys of a regional and coastal lifestyle.

  • Mentor Indigenous Australians in leadership and communication
  • Aussie Sunday lunch with local families
  • Meet the Mayor morning tea
  • Participate in community events, sports and festivals


Living on campus

Living on the SCU Lismore campus is a great way to immerse yourself into campus life. Living with both other international students as well as Australian students, you will find yourself making friends fast! From movie nights and themed parties, to study groups and cooking classes, life on-campus offers everything you need to make the most of your university experience. Visit SCU Village for more information.

Off campus accommodation

While living on-campus is one way to experience university, UniStays is a free service that helps you find off-campus accommodation. If you are studying at the Gold Coast campus or want to live a more independent lifestyle, UniStays manages long and short-term accommodation options, such as share-houses, apartments and granny flats. Visit UniStays for more information.

Cost of living

Australia can be costly, however living and studying in a regional environment can be a far more affordable option for students. Your tuition and study fees do not include personal costs like accommodation, food, and other things you will need while in Australia. See the below table for a guide to help you budget.

AUD$ per week (guide only)Private RentalSCU Village
Accommodation $80-$100 room | $350-$450 house $180-$201
Food $100-$150 $100-$150
Public transport $20-$70 $20
Electricity $15 room | $40 house Included
Water $5 Included
Mobile/internet $20-$50 $20-$50