Shared majors

Want to study Arts, but also passionate about helping to solve global environmental challenges? Depending on which course you are enrolled in, you may be able to combine more of your interests by choosing a shared major from a wide range of discipline areas across the University. A shared major is the equivalent of eight units or one year’s full-time study.

Shared majors available in 2021

Art and Design

Students will develop drawing skills, fabrication skills and an understanding of contemporary art and its theory. They will learn the fundamentals of art making and critique through individual assessment and group learning.

Aviation Management

Students will be exposed to the strategic and operational facets of the global aviation industry, including six core aviation units and a further two elective units. This major is ideal for students who are looking to work in aviation including pilots, cabin crew, logistics, transport, infrastructure, retail and customer service.

Contemporary Music

Focusing on music making in the 21st century, this major will develop a student’s practical, theoretical, creative, collaborative and contextual skills through a program of ensemble performance, musicianship, musicology and industry studies.

Creative Urban Renewal

This major builds creative industries into urban development, focusing on the city of Lismore, in partnership with local organisations, businesses and government. The major will enable students to build and apply knowledge, skills and creativity in urban regeneration projects.

Creative Writing

This major provides an introduction to creative writing genres and techniques, developing students’ ability to engage with the world creatively, increasing their creative writing skills and understanding of literature.

Cultural Studies

This major introduces students to critical approaches in the study of different cultural forms and practices and the political dynamics of contemporary culture. It includes units on identity, gender and sexuality, ecocultural studies and Australian perspectives.

Digital Media

This major introduces student to a core set of crossmedia production skills and software proficiencies, media history and theory, and knowledge of various narrative and story structures. Students gain experience in the production and critical study of contemporary digital media.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation

This major allows students to develop a nuanced understanding of the critical components of entrepreneurship and what factors will ensure success in a highly competitive business environment. Innovation and successful development of innovative ideas is also explored in depth.

Environmental Solutions

This major is for students who wish to gain insight into how nature works, and how communities can support nature to regenerate in the face of environmental change. Students learn to develop creative solutions to the world’s complex environmental challenges from ecology and marine pollution to wildlife conservation and regenerative farming.

Environmental Stewardship

Students will gain insight into how to engage with communities and increase awareness about managing natural resources. Students will learn about scientific concepts associated with managing natural resources, and creative problem-solving in communities.


Studying the past and how we have interpreted history is essential to understand contemporary issues. As well as units on Australian and colonial histories, this major includes units on the US, Asia and other world history, writing and research.

Indigenous Knowledge

This major includes units that increase the knowledge and understanding of Indigenous peoples, their cultures and associated rights. It examines historical and contemporary issues affecting Indigenous Australian Peoples.

Law and Justice

Students gain legal perspectives that will complement their degree and a foundational understanding of law and basic legal principles that will be useful in any employment situation. Politics and International Relations With an emphasis on social justice and positive change, this major will develop students ‘ability to interpret, analyse and offer creative solutions to issues in contemporary society, encouraging them to become dynamic citizens in the public sphere.


This major is ideal for students who are interested in the scientific study of how humans think, feel and behave. Please note this major is not accredited by the Australian Psychology Accreditation Council and does not provide entry into the Bachelor of Psychological Science with Honours.

Regenerative Agriculture

Regenerative Agriculture examines human ecology, agroecology, regenerative agronomy and soil management as well as the planning of rural landscapes. It draws on the University’s specialist expertise across these areas, developing specialist knowledge in a whole-of-system approach to food production and farm management.

Sustainable Convention and Events Management

This major develops the skills and knowledge to plan, organise and manage corporate events, conferences, festivals, large meetings, sporting and other events with a focus on responsible and sustainable practices.

Sustainable Tourism Management

This major develops a contemporary understanding of the tourism industry, tourist experience, destination management and the conceptual and applied aspects of responsible and sustainable tourism management.