Vice-President (Students) and Registrar

Brendon Nelson

The Vice-President Students and Registrar (VPS&R) portfolio is responsible for Study Well services, Stay Well services, Student Administration and Admissions at Southern Cross University. The portfolio has a strong focus on the student experience and improving student success and retention at University.

The Vice-President (Students) and Registrar (VP S&R) portfolio aims to deliver excellence in student administrative and support services, striving to enable our students to achieve their educational and professional goals. 

The Office of the Vice-President (Students) and Registrar leads the portfolio teams, liaises with Student Associations and Student Advocacy Service and provides administration support to the Student Experience Committee, Chaired by the Vice-President (Students) and Registrar.

The portfolio incorporates:

The Student Support Teams, providing a range of services and programs to support students transition into their studies, and to support their ongoing engagement and the realisation of their educational and professional goals. This includes orientation, support for success in their academic activities, health and wellbeing initiatives, counselling and crisis support services, and financial assistance.

The Student Experience, Orientation and Induction team develop and deliver a range of activities and programs that aim to maximise student engagement and retention via the provision of off-campus accommodation, sport and recreation programs, student experience initiatives and Orientation and Induction of new students.

The Learning and Engagement team provide a range of peer to peer, staff to student and self-help offerings to support a student’s learning experience. Learning coaches assist students to become self-managing and self-regulated in their learning.

The Student Equity and Inclusion team lead initiatives on-campus and online to create an inclusive University community that respects, supports and celebrates student diversity and enables better access to higher education for disadvantaged groups and individuals. Principles of student centred-ness, collaboration, empowerment, self-determination and self-regulation guide the workgroup to support students with disability to assist them to fully engage in their learning programs and reach their full potential.

The Counselling team of registered psychologists and social workers work in partnership with students to assist in identify barriers, utilising strengths and building essential skills for maintaining student mental health and emotional well-being. The Counselling service is free, confidential and provides a safe place for students to talk, be heard, and learn new strategies and skills to help manage study and life demands.

The Student Administration Teams, includes Timetabling, Grades and Progressions, Course Implementation and Student Enquiry Management.  The Student Administration Teams support the end-to-end student administrative journey from the point of degree and unit enrolment, unit results and degree conferral.

The Admissions Fees and Scholarship Teams includes International and Domestic Admissions, supporting the student journey from point of application, offer acceptance, payment and commencement.