Job interview skills

Interviews — 3 tips to get it right

1. Prepare

  • Research the company
  • Always ring for further information
  • Prepare questions for the interview
  • Know yourself and your aspirations
  • Check the address and how to get there, do a practice run the day before if possible
  • Confirm your interview time
  • Use our video interview simulator,  Interview360 on CareerSuccess to practise your interview answers

2. Self-evaluate

  • Consider your skills, values, interests and abilities. Employers like people who know themselves and are well-balanced
  • Practice explaining why you want to work for your selected employer

3. Relax

  • Try exercising or singing before the interview
  • Try breathing exercises designed to help you relax
  • Power pose

Good luck with your applications and don’t forget to access our Fact Sheets and Interview360 on CareerSuccess.

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