Refunds and remissions of fees

Domestic students

All domestic students covered by a single refund rule regardless of whether you pay a student contribution amount (Commonwealth-supported students) or a domestic tuition fee (full fee-paying students). Note that the same refund rule applies regardless of whether you choose to pay your fees up front or defer them via the HECS-HELP or FEE-HELP loan scheme. More information can be at Refunds and Remissions Policy and the Refunds and Remissions Procedure.

Students requesting a remission or refund of fees after census date due to special circumstances (including remission of HELP debt or refund of upfront payment) should complete an Application for Remission or Refund of Fees within My Enrolment.

For students who have opted to defer their fees (including student contribution amounts for Commonwealth-supported students) via the HECS-HELP or FEE-HELP loan schemes, debts will be automatically remitted once the refund has been approved. Postgraduate students should also note that once the study period has commenced, an early withdrawal fee may apply. See the Administrative Charges Schedule for full details.

International students

Please refer to the Policy Library’s Standard Refunds for International Onshore Students and the International Tuition Fees Rules which provide information on fee refunds.